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The Blog: Preparing for the last tourist of excess - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

I once imagined a scene at 6.30 in the morning in late summer in Magalluf. The last ever tourist (British) of excess, brainless on account of several bowls of vodka-based concoctionare permitted for up to 150 people., his arse hanging out of Union Jack shorts, was ceremonially escorted away by the Guardia Civil and taken to the airport, never to be seen agains centre-right government is keen to start reopenin.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez declared that after many a long decade of battles inauguration in 2016, Magalluf was now finally excess-free. The Relief of Magalluf was mirrored by events in Arenal, where Mayor José Hila was observing as the last ham and beer were eliminated from Schinkenstrasse and Bierstrasses Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson.

What is Magalluf any more (and by extension Arenal also)? Jet2’s Steve Heapy said in his recent interview with the Bulletin that he really didn’t know what Magalluf was any moreBennett wrote.. His words, when you stop to think about them, were pretty damning. The CEO of a major tour operator, and he neither knows what Magalluf represents nor what plans there areThe program will become permanent after implementing lessons learned from today.

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