Ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows

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In 2016, the domestic door and window market surged. In the face of fierce market competition, some door and window brands rose against the current and achieved great success, while some did not develop smoothly and ended badly. Enterprises that can be called the top ten brands of doors and windows naturally have advantages that other manufacturers do not have. This year, the list of top ten brands of doors and windows was newly released, and yunzhicai doors and windows was listed again

yunzhicai doors and windows focuses on the R & D, design and production of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, raw wood doors, shower rooms, sunshine rooms and other products, and is a domestic first-line brand. The spokesperson is he Zhengjun, with a plant area of 100000 square meters, which is in the forefront of the domestic door and window industry. Moreover, advanced production equipment and processes from Germany and Italy are adopted. Yihe doors and windows has more than 300 national patents in many aspects such as product appearance, structure and practical performance. The products are rich and complete in series, including swing doors, folding doors, sliding doors, hanging doors, casement windows, sliding windows, villa doors and windows, sunshine room, etc., and for many years, it has integrated many honorary titles such as "top ten brands in China's door and window industry", "AAA unit of quality, integrity and service", "China's green environmental protection products", "recommended brand in China's architectural decoration design field", "consumer satisfaction brand" and so on

in creating advantageous products, yunzhicai doors and windows are truly sound proof, windproof, rainproof, prying proof and shaking proof; All sliding doors have triple anti-collision function and five mute design, and the anti-collision and mute effect is far better than that of market peers; Yongjin doors and windows are also the first in the industry to use stainless steel under the track, which greatly increases the smoothness, wear resistance and aesthetics of pushing and pulling; Yunzhicai doors and windows is the only enterprise in the industry that uses a practical patented magnetic mute buffer strip, which achieves the ultimate effect of mute and shock absorption

yunzhicai doors and windows focuses on the R & D, design, production and sales of high-end doors and windows, sunshine rooms, shower rooms, wooden doors and other products, and is committed to creating healthy, comfortable, environmental friendly, personalized, tasteful and fashionable high-end home life enjoyment for global consumers. Investment hotline of top ten brands of doors and windows: 4000007262




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