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Materials should ensure safety

although the space area of the two-story villa is not as large as that of the big villa, the area is still not small. Generally, there will be more rooms. When decorating, we must ensure the safety of materials, so as to minimize the pollution concentration after decoration. And if you live with your parents, you should pay attention to the non slip of the floor materials and the smoothness of the corners when decorating the bathroom, so as to minimize various potential safety hazards

reasonable planning and design

villas are both upper and lower floors and will also have gardens. Before formal decoration, it is necessary to carry out reasonable layout design according to the actual area, determine the design project and the reasonable planning of space

decoration should be coordinated

including the integration of its internal decoration and external decoration, rather than focusing on unilateral effects, or even using two different design styles. Is it a little eye-catching? Therefore, even if the investment is relatively high, the desired effect may not be achieved. For the overall coordination of villa decoration, including its outdoor decoration and configuration, it is integrated into one environment

loft hollowing should be used with caution

in villas with relatively high floors, if a two-story loft can be separated, it is of course very unique, but this decoration method should be carefully considered, not simply the pursuit of elegance, and safety should be considered first. Whether it is horizontal separation or vertical wall building, the materials and load-bearing of the additional structure must be considered Factors such as the ratio of the height and thickness of the partition wall

the lighting layout should meet a variety of needs

the villa has a large space area. When arranging lights, it needs to make reasonable planning according to the use and changes of the place. When arranging lights, it needs to consider the whole, reasonably arrange controls, ensure practicality and beauty, and the lighting regulation and control system should also be reasonable to ensure the convenience of use

villa decoration is also important in style selection. The owner can decide the decoration style and direction first, and then choose a strong decoration company with good reputation that is good at this style

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