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In the previous home textile exhibition in Shenzhen, Huiya information had the honor to invite president Zhao of Weifang youliya decorative upholstery products Co., Ltd. for an interview. During the interview, president Zhao talked with reporters about the market layout and promotion of your company

Huiya information exclusive interview with Zhao Zhongli, general manager of Weifang youliya decorative upholstery products Co., Ltd.

President Zhao: the purpose of our exhibition is to improve the technical content of our products and let everyone know how broad the prospects of our products are. Focus on improving the technical content

China softwear: what is the current layout of Yulia in the market? How do dealers build channels

president Zhao: there are franchisees all over the country. We mainly open franchisees and develop franchisees. We know that this industry is a single competitive product, and we need the joint cooperation of manufacturers and merchants to complete the task. Therefore, we mainly use franchisees to jointly develop channels

China soft clothing: the development of enterprises cannot be separated from publicity and promotion. What are the innovations of Yulia in promotion

Mr. Zhao: for the channel marketing of dealers, we will launch a five-star service to serve our dealers and franchisees well and help them grow bigger and stronger together with the company

China soft clothing: next, please talk about the future direction or popular trend of this industry

Mr. Zhao: the development momentum of this industry is rapid, but there are also a lot of chaos. Dealers and franchisees are still lack of knowledge about the process and refinement of products, and they do not know enough about after-sales service and product knowledge. The next step is to train dealers and franchisees. In terms of market promotion, we will mainly focus on second tier cities or above, and develop more suitable dealers

China softwear: judging from today's exhibition, there are a lot of people in the Yulia exhibition hall. What effect do you expect to bring after this exhibition

Mr. Zhao: we expect to open 100 franchise stores this year. The flow of people in this exhibition is relatively strong, which may be higher than expected. We need to continue our efforts. We have set up a market supervision department in the team, which is dedicated to customer service and training




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