The Zhangjiagang lubricating oil additive blending

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Runyinglian Zhangjiagang lubricant additive blending plant was put into operation. On March 17, runyinglian (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of runyinglian, a global fuel and lubricant additive company, officially opened

the new company is located in the Yangtze River International Chemical Industrial Park in Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone. It is the second wholly-owned subsidiary of run Yinglian in China and its first wholly-owned factory in China. The factory covers an area of 100000 square meters. It is expected that Li Keqiang will make a government work report at the 4th session of the 102nd National People's Congress and point out that 100000 tons of lubricating oil additives will be produced every year

as a joint venture between ExxonMobil and shell, runyinglian, founded in 1999, is now a leading, and additive supplier in the field of transportation in the world according to another independent life cycle analysis report conducted by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. Especially in the past few years, runyinglian has experienced rapid development in China. In 2013, runyinglian established runyinglian (Shanghai) additives Co., Ltd., the first wholly-owned subsidiary in China, in the modern science and Technology Park of Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone

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