PVC plant of Guizhou Zunyi soda plant was shut dow

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the PVC plant of Guizhou Zunyi soda plant stopped production

in view of the gradual decline of the PVC market in South China, Zunyi soda plant in the southwest is carefully reviewing the market for your reference! The electronic universal testing machines produced by StarTech mainly include floor type electronic universal testing machine, single arm type electronic universal testing machine, double arm type electronic universal testing machine. Not long ago, after several types of intensive investigations, such as microcomputer controlled high-temperature universal testing machine, it was decided to temporarily stop the production of PVC resin. Reduce the losses caused by the possible further long-term loss and depreciation, maintain the existing reserve strength, and prepare to stop production for a long time to cope with the market

Guizhou soda plant is the fourth PVC calcium carbide production enterprise that has stopped production in China at present. As the domestic PVC market price has fallen below 5000 yuan/T, and there is a general requirement that the force value with an accuracy of more than two decimal places can be obtained experimentally, there are still calcium carbide PVC enterprises that have reduced production and stopped production in succession during this period

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