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Putin talks about China Russia strategic energy alliance Putin talks about China Russia strategic energy alliance may 19, 2014 on the eve of his state visit to China and attending the fourth summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia (CICA), Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin accepted a joint interview with Chinese media. The full text of the interview is as follows:

1 You are about to visit China. What do you expect from this trip? What results do you expect from the upcoming summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia in Shanghai

A: I am always happy to visit hospitable China. I am glad to see that our neighbors are undergoing a transformation before our eyes. Shanghai is a clear witness to this change

China is a friend we can trust. Expanding exchanges with China is undoubtedly the priority of Russia's foreign policy. Now, Russia China cooperation has entered a new stage of comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination. If I call this cooperation the best cooperation in the long history of bilateral exchanges, it is not too much

Russia and China have been actively promoting the establishment of a new security and sustainable development framework in the Asia Pacific region. This framework should be based on the principles of equality, respect for international law, indivisibility of security and non use of force or threat of force. Today, this task is becoming more and more urgent. The upcoming summit of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia will help promote the resolution of this task

CICA is an effective cooperation mechanism. The work in such important areas as security, new challenges and threats, economy, ecology and people to people and cultural cooperation in the region has been carried out smoothly within its framework

Russia has been actively participating in CICA activities. In mid April this year, CICA Member States approved the regulations of CICA industrialists' committee proposed by us. I believe that the launching of this regulation will expand the practical ties between the business circles of Asian countries

during the summit, it is planned to sign the memorandum of understanding between CICA and the SCO Secretariat to further promote the establishment of a partnership system between different organizations and forums in the region

2. China is implementing the great idea of the Chinese dream with clear goals. Russia has also put forward the goal of revitalizing a powerful country. In your opinion, how can our two countries cooperate and help each other in achieving these goals? In this regard, which areas can be considered as the highest priority

A: developing the good neighborly and friendly partnership between the two countries is fully in the interests of Russia and China. There are no political issues left between us that may have a negative impact on strengthening comprehensive cooperation

through joint efforts, we have established real exemplary cooperation. Such cooperation should become a model of major country relations. The basis of this model is to respect each other's fundamental interests and work effectively for the benefit of the two peoples

Russia and China have been cooperating successfully on the international stage and have closely coordinated actions in solving international problems and resolving crises. Our positions on major global and regional issues are close to or completely consistent

it is encouraging that both sides are willing to deepen cooperation with the recent sharp increase in investment in the polyurethane exterior wall insulation material industry. Both Moscow and Beijing are well aware that the two countries still have potential to tap. We have room for progress. Strengthening cooperation in the economic, scientific and high-tech fields is a priority for both sides at this stage. The potential superposition of the two countries is an important complementary driving force for us to solve the domestic development tasks of the two countries

3. The cooperation between China and Russia has been deepening, but the uncertainties of the world economy still exist. Emerging market countries are facing new challenges and their economic growth is slowing down. How can our two countries help each other to meet this challenge? How to ensure the steady growth of bilateral trade and investment between the two countries

A: against the background of global economic turmoil, it is of vital significance for Russia and China to strengthen mutually beneficial economic and trade relations and increase mutual investment. This is not only an important factor to promote the social and economic development of the two countries, but also a contribution to the stability of the entire global market

today, China ranks first among Russia's foreign trade partners. In 2013, the bilateral trade volume was very close to US $90billion, but it was far from reaching the limit. We will strive to achieve the goal of expanding the trade volume to 100billion US dollars in 2015 and 200billion US dollars in 2020

our cooperation in the field of energy is also very successful. We have always been moving towards the establishment of a strategic energy alliance. The two sides are implementing a major project to supply crude oil to China through the "Skovorodino Mohe" pipeline, which is worth more than US $60billion

the agreement between the two countries on exporting Russian natural gas to China has been basically ready. For Russia, the implementation of these agreements means the diversification of gas supply pipeline lines. For our Chinese partners, the use of this clean fuel can alleviate energy shortages and improve ecological security

at the same time, we are also actively working to reduce the dependence of bilateral trade on foreign market. Therefore, in order to improve economic and trade cooperation, we pay special attention to some breakthrough areas, such as improving energy efficiency, protecting the environment, producing drugs and medical equipment, developing new information technology, atomic energy and aerospace. At present, the two sides are implementing a list of joint projects in 40 priority directions with a total investment of about 20billion US dollars

these projects include civil aircraft manufacturing. The two sides have reached an agreement on the joint development of long-range wide body airliners. Our plan also includes the development of heavy helicopters. I believe that the companies of the two countries have the ability to produce and provide competitive products to the international market

we intend to boost investment cooperation. At present, the scale of investment cooperation between the two sides is obviously inconsistent with the actual capabilities and needs of the two countries. We have some examples of successful projects. For example, Chinese capital participated in the reconstruction of caluca airport and built factories producing auto parts and building materials in the region

we believe that there are many promising investment areas. For example, various machinery manufacturing industries, agricultural products processing industry, mining industry and transportation and energy infrastructure

we should also strengthen financial cooperation to protect the two countries from fluctuations in the exchange rates of major currencies in the world. Therefore, the issue of expanding mutual settlement in local currency is being studied

4. Not long ago, Russia announced the establishment of a special economic zone in Vladivostok. In your opinion, what role can China play in the establishment of the special economic zone and the overall development of the Russian Far East

A: accelerating social and economic development in Siberia and the Far East is one of Russia's major priorities in the 21st century. At present, a series of plans are being implemented to transform and expand the transportation, energy and social infrastructure in the above-mentioned areas

at present, the focus is to establish special regions with accelerated economic development, in which an environment conducive to attracting investment will be formed. Provide competitive conditions for export-oriented enterprises that are not resource mining enterprises

we have formulated a series of important preferential policies for new enterprises that have settled in the special economic zones with accelerated economic development. For example, a series of tax reductions and exemptions; Reduce the insurance tax rate; Simplifying the customs system, including the establishment of bonded areas; Formulate special land and infrastructure use rules

at present, we are improving relevant federal laws. Establish development agencies and select promising areas. One of these regions will be located on the Russian island of Vladivostok, the venue of the 2012 APEC Economic Leaders' informal meeting

undoubtedly, we would like to see Chinese enterprises seize these opportunities and become leaders. Accelerating the development of the Far East is beneficial to both Russia and China

we value more than trade. We must establish solid technological and industrial alliances, attract investment in infrastructure and energy industries, jointly promote scientific research and people to people and cultural exchanges, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term and stable development of bilateral economic and trade relations. The Russian Far East can and should be a natural platform for all this

5. What is your comment on the current level of cooperation between the two countries in the humanities field and the development prospects in this field? What cross year projects (national year, language year, tourism year and youth friendly exchange year) have left you with a deeper impression

A: Russia China people to people and cultural cooperation is moving along the track of sustainable development of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between our two countries. At present, the level of bilateral relations has reached an unprecedented high. The national year, language year, tourism year and other large-scale projects implemented by the two countries have played a great role in this regard. Millions of people in both countries have participated in these projects

it is worth noting that many activities are now regularly held. For example: Cultural Festival, film week, youth games, college students' get-together Festival, summer camp for primary and secondary school students and college students, University Presidents' forum, education service exhibition, etc

the "Russian Chinese youth friendly exchange year" planned to be held in has been launched in March this year. The performance of the "Russian Chinese Youth Symphony Orchestra", which was established not long ago and led by gorjiyev, artistic director and commander in chief of the malinsky theater, became a highlight of the opening ceremony of the exchange year held in St. Petersburg

of course, we do not intend to stay on the achievements we have made. The young people of Russia and China are increasingly interested in each other's history, culture and the traditions of the two peoples. This is an objective process, and we will continue to give it our full support

6. In 2015, our two countries will jointly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victorious war against fascism. Russia and China made joint efforts to counter attempts to distort the conclusions of the second world war against the casting defects that do not affect the application quality. China's hbcdd output was about 35000-38000 tons from 2011 to 2012. What is the significance of these efforts

answer: indeed, we are now increasingly faced with attempts to distort and distort history

four years ago, on the occasion of celebrating the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, Russia and China issued a joint statement. We all agree that it is unacceptable to revise the conclusion of World War II, and the consequences will be extremely dangerous. Today's tragic events in Ukraine, including the rampant Neo Nazi forces and the launching of real terrorist acts against civilians, bear witness to this

I would like to thank our Chinese friends. Thousands of our compatriots have sacrificed their lives to liberate Northeast China from the invaders. Chinese friends have always cherished their memories

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