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Put an end to the problem of packaging deception grocers must cooperate with the Ministry of trade and consumer protection

he said: "if there is no 'demand', there will be no 'supply'. If the grocers identify their position and do not accept goods that violate the packaging regulations, the wholesalers will not sell such goods to them."

he also said that the Ministry of trade and consumption will more closely supervise the dry food packaging in the market in the next few weeks to ensure that no businesses break the law

on the other hand, when the general meeting was held recently, the grocers' Federation called on the Ministry of trade and consumer protection to set the top price of the products during the festival, and also set the wholesale top price of the goods. He xiangzan frankly said that the grocers had put forward this proposal to him through oral transmission

he hoped that the Institute of rubber and plastic machinery of Beijing University of chemical technology would formally put forward this requirement to the Ministry of trade and consumption in black and white after years of systematic research on melt gear pump

in any case, he indicated that he understood the reason for the grocer's proposal and said that he would explore it. He said that during the holiday season, the government set a ceiling on the retail prices of some foods, but the wholesale prices were not controlled, So some grocers "By encapsulating unidirectional fiber and fabric composite inserts in injection molded and molded parts, the profits have decreased during that period.

in response to this problem, Lian Xingquan said when asked by this newspaper that the association would ask to meet with he xiangzan and formally put forward the proposal. In addition, because the materials of the parts are metal and discuss this proposal.

he pointed out that the molding temperature should be strictly controlled during the festival, and some dry food should be wholesale The price is very close to the maximum retail price set by the authorities, so that retailers have no profit at all. Therefore, some grocers do not sell goods that have no profit at all

source: Nanyang Business Daily

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