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Put an end to "white pollution" banyan breakfast car tried to use special paper bags for environmental protection yesterday morning, citizen Chen Lili machine could analyze all the test results. Mr. Chery Automobile carbon fiber composite electric vehicle of Ningbo Institute of industrial technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences still came to the breakfast stall in front of Fuzhou Union Medical College Hospital to buy breakfast. When he received the breakfast, he was surprised to find that the white plastic bag used to hold the breakfast was gone, Instead, there is a paper bag with white and red edges. The paper bag is also printed with propaganda words to make the city more beautiful and the environment cleaner

after careful inquiry, it turns out that this is the most comprehensive result of Fuzhou Law Enforcement Bureau's output to all breakfast project stalls on the urban main roads in order to eliminate the white pollution caused by the breakfast project. 100000 special environmental protection paper bags for breakfast were distributed free for trial

after learning about this situation, Mr. Chen expressed his support. This is more environmentally friendly than plastic bags, and will not fly all over the world like plastic bags after use

breakfast stalls and cleaners also agree with the use of paper bags instead of plastic bags. A breakfast stall staff told that after using paper bags, citizens can more consciously throw environmental protection paper bags into the garbage can, and sanitation workers do not have to chase the garbage bags everywhere when cleaning

however, some citizens think it is not convenient to use paper bags. Ms. Lin, who usually goes to work by bike, told me that plastic bags can be hung on the car, which does not affect cycling, while paper bags can only be held in her hands, so she can't free her hands to ride. After buying breakfast yesterday, she had to push the car with one hand

the relevant person in charge of the municipal law enforcement bureau said that in order to create a civilized city, build a livable society, and cooperate with the plastic ban order of the State Council, Fuzhou Municipal Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau has made 100000 special environmental protection paper bags for breakfast stalls, which have been used at breakfast stalls on main roads in the urban area since March 11, In order to guide breakfast business enterprises and consumers to pay attention to the white pollution of plastic bags in the breakfast project, and finally replace the current plastic bags with more hygienic and environmental friendly bags

the person in charge also said that the first batch of 100000 free paper packaging bags were relatively small, 9 Mtsjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine conforms to the national standard gb/t3803 ⑵ 002 inspection of pendulum impact testing machine. It is only for trial use, and will be improved in the future according to the suggestions of breakfast project vendors and citizens

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