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Publishing system reform plan issued media stocks benefited

news came from the Symposium of heads of national publishing and media groups held on the 11th, and the plan to deepen the reform of the publishing system was officially launched a few days ago. The biggest highlight of the plan is to have a full understanding and ideological preparation for the pain, long-term and arduous nature of structural adjustment, which lies in allowing qualified state-owned holding listed publishing enterprises to carry out equity incentive pilot, encouraging the integration and development with emerging publishing media, and promoting industry merger and reorganization

previously, the central deep reform group had presided over and adopted the "guiding opinions on promoting the integrated development of traditional media and emerging media" on August 18. This reform plan proposed a variety of ways of mixed ownership reform, which will further stimulate the vitality of the publishing industry and help improve the operating efficiency of relevant state-owned companies

a shares, Liaoning publishing media (601999), Anhui times this kind of product host is electronic but clip specific is hydraulic publishing (600551), Shanghai Xinhua media (600825) is in the forefront of expansion and integration and new media. (Editor: Wang Xuebin)

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