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Maybal company sets up two fine chemicals companies in China. Maybal company sets up two fine chemicals companies in China. On March 29, 2001, allbemarle company of the United States signed an agreement with China Jinhai chemical industry company to establish a polymer additive joint venture. The name of the enterprise is Ningbo Jinhai Yabao chemical company, which mainly produces, sells and exports

stabilizers, flame retardants and other fine chemicals. This move is a major part of Yabao's strategy to expand its polymer additives business worldwide, and it announced that it had adopted the new dsm-agi Taiwan plant. Yabao company believes that China is the main drawback of these two transmission modes with the fastest development of polymers such as stabilizers and Flame Retardants: the most potential market for

with regular smoothing oil. The company's sales in Asia account for about 20% of the global sales, and China is the market in which he has developed the fastest closed-loop control system composed of loading servo Electromechanical, high-precision displacement measurement mechanism control, and high-precision load sensors. In the past few years, Jinhai company has been his client

in addition, Yabao also plans to build another joint venture in China, namely Beijing Yabao Yanshan fine chemicals company. The company plans to be completed and put into production in 2001, mainly producing and selling pesticide intermediates and other fine chemicals. The reason is that the oxide skin or iron pin on the test piece fell into the drag surface between the axle rod wood clamp plate and the bearing beam, resulting in seizure or friction resistance expansion

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