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Meesho, an Indian e-commerce platform, has opened its home category and plans to incubate 100 potential sellers. Please check this list of hot sales in the field of household commodities

relevant research shows that India has great market potential in the household commodity market, which is expected to exceed US $30billion in 2020! Compared with the increasingly fierce competition in traditional clothing, footwear and other fields, the household commodities field, which has still achieved double-digit growth in recent years, will bring more imagination to cross-border sellers

here, meesho specially prepared a list of hot sales in the field of household commodities, so that sellers can quickly obtain market trends and help select models

1. Household general merchandise - storage, washing and drying

it is believed that many businesses have a variety of storage appliances in their homes, including popular products. With the rapid rise of social e-commerce in India, these storage, washing and drying products in Indian families have also shown an explosive growth trend. Having a popular storage, washing and drying products at home has become a new fashion in ordinary Indian households! 1 Table 1 emission performance of typical PP resin and additives January - the next year is also Owens Corning's largest utilization market. February is India's winter, with less rainfall. Many Indian families will seize the rare good weather and focus on drying the damaged clothes and bed household products in the rainy season. During this period, the demand for storing washing and drying supplies surged

selection recommendation: prefer simple style and cute style, and it is recommended to focus on lighter products

2. Household general merchandise - household daily use

key chains, nail clippers, sanitary cartons, don't look down on these small objects in life. Without them, our life will be full of troubles and inconveniences. Moreover, in the foreign trade e-commerce industry, these beautifully made and low-cost household daily necessities have created countless invisible millionaires. If you haven't figured out what products to put on the shelves, these novel products will definitely surprise you

recommended products: water cups, household hardware, key chains, etc. the appearance quality should be paid attention to

3. Household goods - kitchen cooking

food is the most important thing for people. Similarly, cooking is also a very solemn thing in India. There are as many as 17 kinds of seasonings used in an inconspicuous curry chicken, and more than 20 kinds of curry powder are commonly used in daily life. In recent years, many Indian houses have been designed with open kitchens to make the whole house look bigger. In order to make the house look more imposing, Indians will buy more colorful and multifunctional kitchen supplies. For example, the sales of kitchenware in different colors such as red, fluorescent green, yellow or orange have increased significantly on the platform, and consumers will also buy modern kitchen appliances such as stainless steel mirror microwave ovens and ovens

recommended products: kitchen products with light weight and small packaging volume

4. Household goods - sanitary products

in the list of countries exporting sanitary products in China in the first half of 2019, India ranked 11th, with a total amount of 2.766 billion yuan. The "clean India campaign" and the "housing for all" plan led by the Indian government have activated India's huge bathroom product consumption market. Major mainstream bathroom manufacturers are seeking opportunities to expand in India, and India's fast-growing hotel industry has also attracted sellers from China

recommended products: toothbrush holder, soap box and other light commodities

5. Household general merchandise household cleaning

from October 2, 2014, By October 2, 2019, "India has carried out a five-year clean India campaign on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's birth" ", which has triggered the rise of national awareness of cleaning. The short video on the overseas version of Tiktok has been broadcast as high as 1.1 billion times, and household cleaning products are about to usher in a period of rapid development in India.

selection recommendation: all kinds of innovative cleaning tools

6. Home textile - Home Fabric Art

data from multiple platforms show that the sales of home fabric art have been high, of which the sales of carpets account for 15% of the total sales of home decoration in India Exquisite carpets are indispensable in people's living rooms, and carpets with artistic appreciation are widely praised

in the past year, the sales of finished curtains in India increased by 10%-12%, ranking second in the home decoration category, accounting for 20% of the total sales, second only to bedsheets. Because it is troublesome to buy cloth in offline stores and then make curtains of special sizes, Indians rushed to buy finished curtains

recommended items: Carpets, curtains, towels, home covers, etc., a total of two; 2. Installed on the swing rack, consumers pay more attention to the quality of household fabric products

7. The unique terrain and geomorphic structure of home textile bedding

divides the climate of India into three parts: summer, winter and rainy season, while November February is winter. In winter, all parts of India are sunny every day, but the plains in the north are sometimes full of LCD numerical control, and the parameters required for setting are cold. Snow will also appear in some areas, while the temperature in the south is still as high as 30 degrees. From mats to quilts, there will be good sales in India this season

selection recommendation: sellers of sofa covers, four piece bedding sets and other products need to develop cost-effective products according to market demand, and the weight needs to be light, while mattresses, mosquito nets and other bedding products are traditional popular products in India

8. Home decoration - wallpapers, decorations

young Indian consumers like to buy colored wallpapers in order to reflect their differences. People who have just moved to a new home especially like 3D wallpapers, while decorative paintings are still very popular in Rajasthan, Punjab, Jaipur, Udaipur and other places. India has many festivals because of its multi-ethnic characteristics. Therefore, all kinds of small gifts have been selling well, and the winter with a suitable climate is the traditional wedding season in India. Some gifts with better selling appearance are even out of stock

selection recommendation: home furnishings and foldable pvc wall stickers products

since December, meesho has officially launched the investment promotion plan for home furnishings and other products! It is planned to successfully incubate 100 potential home category Sellers before the Spring Festival, and tilt in resources such as traffic and exposure. In addition, VIP services such as one-on-one operation guidance are additionally provided! All sellers must seize the opportunity as soon as possible and seize the 100 billion market

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