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Mechanization of forestry and fruit industry has become a new driving force for the development of agricultural machinery in Yantai, Shandong Province. The planting area of fruit trees in Yantai, Shandong Province is more than 4 million mu, including 2.7 million mu of apples and 500000 mu of grapes. Forestry and fruit industry has become an important pillar of the city's rural economy. Since this year, Yantai has actively promoted the strategic focus shift of agricultural machinery. On the basis of the full mechanization of grain crops such as wheat and corn, it has taken the mechanization of forest and fruit industry focusing on improving apples and grapes as a breakthrough in the transformation of new and old kinetic energy of agricultural machinery in the city, and paid close attention to innovative research and development, demonstration and promotion. On the basis of continuous efforts in the previous two years, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau has studied and determined the general idea of "key breakthroughs and classified implementation", and proposed that the forestry and fruit machinery industry in the city will break through the bottleneck and achieve a big leap in the next three to five years. Up to now, Yantai apple bagging and picking machinery, grape pruning machinery and other major links have made breakthroughs, laying a solid foundation for comprehensively solving the whole process mechanization of apples and grapes

in order to further improve the level of machinery and equipment in the forest and fruit industry, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau actively promotes and encourages enterprises, cooperatives and large growers to introduce advanced apple and grape production machinery at home and abroad, which plays a leading, enlightening and reference role in accelerating the mechanization of the fruit industry in the city. For example, Yantai Changyu company has raised 5million yuan to introduce a variety of production machinery such as self-propelled grape combine harvester, grape pruner, grape shaper, grape leaf thinning machine, self-propelled grape vine binding machine, plant protection machine, etc. produced by French geval company, which provides a basic prototype and useful reference for solving the operation links such as pruning, leaf thinning and harvesting in the process of mechanization of grape production machines in the city, expands its vision and inspires ideas, Promote R & D and production

adhere to the combination of production, study and research. While making extensive use of the scientific research forces of Suzhou University, Shandong Agricultural University, Qingdao Agricultural University and so on, we should give full play to the scientific and technological research and development advantages of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, actively increase the support of policy funds and projects, and learn from the advanced grape pruning machinery and technology at home and abroad. On the basis of the trial production and test of the first grape pruning machine prototype completed last year, the second generation of two pruning machine prototypes have been completed this year, At present, the operation test and commissioning are being carried out, and mature products will be launched to the market after meeting the requirements. At the same time, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Research Institute has implemented the research and development of Apple intelligent cultivator plant protection machinery. At present, in China's plastic machinery market, the design scheme has been finalized and the prototype design is being revised

in addition, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau also guided and encouraged agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises to strengthen the R & D and supply of suitable machines and tools in Hilly and mountainous areas, tap endogenous potential, carry out a variety of joint cooperation, give full play to innovation ability, and effectively solve the problem of inorganic availability. At present, the self-propelled orchard operation platform independently innovated by Jerry Petroleum Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., the apple bagging machine developed by Mengxian automation equipment Co., Ltd., the apple plant protection UAV developed by Yundu Haiying UAV Application Technology Co., Ltd., and the apple quality sorter developed by Shandong Longkou Kaixiang Co., Ltd. have entered prototype production or mass production. Through the comparison of prototype test and application, it is estimated that the operation efficiency of self-propelled orchard operation platform is 4 times that of manual operation, that of apple bagging machine is 3 times that of manual operation, and that apple plant protection UAV will improve the operation efficiency of plant protection by about 30 times

in addition to making great efforts in product technology research and development, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau also effectively mobilized the enthusiasm of fruit farmers to purchase machines through on-site demonstration and promotion, training, purchase subsidies, guidance and pulling, etc. Up to now, 37 demonstration and promotion bases for mechanized operation of apples, grapes and other fruits have been built in the city. Among them, the grape mechanization demonstration bases in Penglai, Longkou and Laizhou have an area of more than 5000 mu, and the apple mechanization plant protection demonstration bases in Qixia and Zhaoyuan have an area of more than 1000 mu

for users, the guiding and pulling role of machine purchase subsidies is the key. Through investigation and research, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau takes the more mature apple, grape and other forestry and fruit machinery in the national and provincial catalogue of agricultural machinery products supporting promotion as the subsidy focus, especially giving priority to subsidies for high-efficiency, low consumption, energy-saving and environmental protection machinery. The total amount of forestry and fruit machinery and equipment in the city has increased rapidly, and the development structure of agricultural mechanization has been further optimized, It has improved the production efficiency of the forest and fruit industry, and is deeply recognized by the majority of machine operators and fruit farmers. It is estimated that the subsidy funds for the purchase of forestry and fruit machinery in the city will account for about 40% of the total this year

in addition, Yantai also actively encourages and supports agricultural machinery cooperatives to carry out various forms of moderate scale operation, guides qualified Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households to set up forestry and fruit industry machinery operation service teams and professional cooperatives, carries out professional forestry and fruit mechanization services, and takes the road of taking efficiency as the goal, large-scale operation and socialized services, which increases market competition. At present, Zhaoyuan Shunfeng, Qixia Jinao, Longkou Weilong and other forestry and fruit Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives provide contracted services to surrounding fruit farmers with the entry point of professional mechanical unified prevention and control and orchard mechanical plant protection, which has opened a precedent for the development of the city's fruit agricultural machinery cooperatives. Among them, Zhaoyuan Shunfeng fruit agricultural machinery cooperative has advanced mechanical equipment, technical guidance in place, strict drug selection and medication. It directly provides pre production, mid production and post production services to large planting households, family farms, and planting cooperatives by adding gaskets between oil collectors and pumps 11, and between low magnification, medium magnification, and oil lens use, saving costs and increasing efficiency by 50%, which is widely welcomed by the local people. At the same time, in view of the fact that the mechanization of Yantai's forest and fruit industry is in its infancy, Yantai Agricultural Machinery Bureau focuses on the expansion of the service field of 400 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and adopts a series of measures such as policy preference and financial support to guide qualified agricultural machinery cooperatives to expand from serving the mechanical operation of grain crops such as wheat and corn to the mechanical cultivation of forest and fruit, soil and fertilizer plant protection, product processing, paid services of mechanical operation, etc, Accelerate the supply side structural reform of Agricultural Mechanization in the city

in the future, Yantai will seize the current opportunity to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of agricultural machinery, take R & D projects as the carrier, further accelerate the introduction and innovation of key technologies and machinery research and development, tilt the subsidy funds for the purchase of agricultural machinery and the focus of relevant policies to the key links of forestry and fruit machinery, further strengthen the training of agricultural machinery, cultivate and expand the cooperatives of agricultural machinery in the fruit industry, and strive to promote the mechanization of forestry and fruit industry in the city to achieve scientific development, Strive to achieve more than 60% of the mechanization level of the city's forest and fruit industry by the end of this year

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