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Personalized expression of cover printing design of sci-tech periodicals

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in the process of paper periodical printing, we first need to ensure the design of cover printing of sci-tech periodicals. Today, China paper industry will take you into sci-tech periodicals and analyze in detail the personalized expression of sci-tech periodical printing at present

scientific and technological periodicals are the very basic exchange ways and means of scientific and technological news, and are an organic part of the scientific and technological miracle and scientific and technological innovation system. The development degree of scientific and technological periodicals is one of the marks to measure the development and innovation degree of a country's science and technology. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous progress of publishing miracles in the transformation, scientific and technological journals, as the carrier of scientific and technological common sense information, play an inestimable important role in the innovation and development of science and technology, the cultivation of scientific and technological talents, and the promotion of social progress. The cover of sci-tech periodicals occupies the important position of the first atmosphere of sci-tech periodicals, and has academic and aesthetic effects. Especially in the market economy system, scientific and technological journals enter the market as commodities, and realize its price in the market exchange. In this fierce market competition, art editors use new covers and contemporary art styles to whitewash periodicals, attract readers, and win the attention of the society, and play an important role in the brand construction of periodicals. 1. The functional compounding of multiple materials has gradually become one of the important technical means to improve the performance of Automotive non-metallic parts. 1. It is a tense question that can not be ignored in the military construction of scientific and technological periodicals, It also puts forward a new challenge on how the linoleum tiles of economic society 99, which is facing in-depth reform, will improve the basic quality of periodical art editing

first, the design positioning of the cover of scientific and technological journals

at present, most academic journals in China have dark covers, stale layout, and lack attraction and affinity. Some academic journals are limited by traditional expectations, and the cover design is boring, as if only in this way can they express the artistic conception of "academic seriousness". The cover has no beauty, even if the academic level is higher, it will also affect its atmosphere and position in the eyes of readers. [1] As the editor of sci-tech periodicals, there are also dozens of sci-tech periodicals that have been exchanged and touched in many years of part-time work, but I can't really remember too much, but some of the magazine cover designs that make people deeply imaged are extremely characteristic and memorable, such as China National Geographic Map and reader's Digest, which often attract my attention in numerous periodicals. Their common feature is that they are highly recognizable, and their outstanding feature is the personalized confession. The personalized journal cover can always show that this journal is significantly different from other journals in terms of exclusive artistic style and aesthetic pursuit. Its visual results and cultural heritage are strange, and its artistic style is obvious, which has symbolic benefits. It should be unique, Its composition and style tone can reflect, to a certain extent, the concept of running a journal of sponsoring and compiling a publication list, as well as the disciplinary limitations, attributes, characteristics and specific author and reader group positioning of the published content

the cover of a periodical is like a person's face. It should be vivid and have personality characteristics. It is also like a 28 year old beauty walking on the street. To improve the turning rate, it must be retouched with restraint, but to be recognized, it must not be colorful. The really beautiful face must have temper characteristics and inside information

therefore, the face that can attract our attention and make us remember always has its exclusive characteristics. Is it true that the face on the cover of the journal is so? The control and characterization of the whole style of the cover design of sci-tech periodicals is an important topic that cannot be ignored in the brand positioning of the cover of sci-tech periodicals

a good journal's excellent design talent is not only the basic talent of the journal's art compilation, but also the basic quality that the journal manager should have. This is because he is the expression of the essence of art cultivation, art skills, and professional common sense. If the topic selection planning, contribution solicitation, and column planning of the journal are the major plays for the journal to make a living, who can say that the design of the cover representing the face of the journal to a certain extent is not nervous? Every business has its own rules, and the binding design of the journal cover also has its own specific rules. Generally speaking, it is necessary to have the same scale color and strange logo different from others. Of course, it is necessary to show your own characteristics in the cover design under the condition of meeting the national requirements for the cover design of periodicals. If you spend more time on the design, you may get unexpected results. This is also often said to catch the "eye". The reason is that as soon as readers get the magazine, they can decompose what journal they get and what kind of journal it belongs to, so as to deepen the readers' overall decomposition of the journal and discard it. Who can say that a good cover is not a window of the magazine

gender personalized cover design and its aesthetic characteristics

cover design of scientific and technological journals can be classified as "visual decoration art" from the perspective of results and benefits; From the perspective of the design subject, it belongs to "graphic design", that is, experiencing the conception and creation of the work to express the designer's personal will, feelings and feelings. Therefore, the cover design process of periodicals is actually the process of artistic creation, which not only has the meteorological mind of the design subject, but also has the inspired plane composition. Its focus is to create a beautiful plane composition with obvious personality style, that is, through design and creation, a series of plane visual elements are constructed and structured according to the artistic rules of beauty, making it an orderly, meaningful, energetic and effective character picture

the cover is the important part of a journal. The design of the cover of a scientific journal should consider both artistry and scientificity. The cover should strive to be solemn, elegant, simple and generous, with a profound conception, elegant but not vulgar. [2] The elements of the cover design of sci-tech periodicals include points, lines, surfaces, color blocks, symbols, graphics and other decoration. The symbols include natural language and artificial language, and the graphics have a fair and correct use of fixtures, which is conducive to the smooth implementation of experiments, such as realistic graphics, comfortable graphics, empty graphics and image graphics

in addition to performing art processing on the information elements that must be marked (such as journal name, journal number, publishing year, volume and issue number, etc.) within the allowable limits of the specification, designers also need to establish the design brain, theme and style of the journal based on their own scientific and technological Journal's disciplinary characteristics, reader positioning and market positioning, experience the overall macro control of visual art, and look for design elements that are very national and personalized, The composition method and color tone, to express their feelings, conceive the cover graphics with strange styles, and try to highlight the theme with simple, empty but profound and rich composition and pictures, resulting in strange cover visual art styles

the so-called "personalized confession" refers to the weird method of periodical compilation, which can fully display enterprise science and technology, marketing ideas and market promotion on the basis of applicable media communication. It is to meet the personalized needs of enterprises on the basis of connecting the overall style of periodicals. At the same time, personality shows the design style and characteristics of the times of the design subject, which is the artistic positioning of the aesthetic orientation of periodicals

third, strengthen the expression of character and highlight the brand characteristics

building energy conservation is a scientific and technological academic journal. Therefore, we usually exaggerate the prudence and habitualness in the cover design. Often in the past, it also creates an inherent mental stereotype, which defeats the flexibility and innovation of artistic creation and design. Therefore, it is more than severe, let alone vivid and vivid. Therefore, it is restrained and rigid in the cover design, Lack of personality expression. And an advertising design alliance with foreign famous building materials enterprises has made us have a different touch and perception. In April, 2010, baumie company in Austria published an advertisement on the cover of our magazine. The only professional journal in China's building energy conservation industry that is expected to experience is building energy conservation, which publicizes the product of foreign building materials enterprises with 100 years of experience - thermal insulation and fire prevention materials with 30 years of experience in thermal insulation and fire prevention in China, so as to enter the market of thermal insulation materials for construction projects in China, However, there was some confusion in the advertising materials and related requests from your company. If our art compilation was difficult to achieve at the request of this company, we also agreed that it would be a big blow to our original design criteria and policies. At that time, we deliberately tried to persuade this enterprise to re provide materials and adjust the advertising plan, but we felt that this was inappropriate and finally gave up, At this time, we frequently negotiated with the art editor about the advertising plan of this period, and finally or decided to accept the advertising materials, and bravely accepted the element of artistic green leaves in the cover design based on the characteristics of the external wall insulation system of baumit pro in the graphic design, highlighting the main side of the composition based on the beautiful avatar, Taking human eyes as the basic idea of the layout of "green leaves", after several creations, the cover design of the current period has finally been realized, which not only highlights the green environmental protection characteristics of the product, but also conveys the green environmental protection concept of salary based advocated by China's building energy conservation. The element of home is added to the drawing composed of two people, and the overall harmony and vividness of the drawing is also a very unique design highlight. Therefore, the allocation and coordination of the three important elements of human, home and green highlight the theme of harmony and symbiosis between human and nature, which makes the cover design of this issue and the overall design of the journal building energy efficiency not only not debated, but also complementary. Due to the successful and courageous cover design test, baumie company in Austria increased the investment decision of cover advertising, which not only increased the income of our magazine, but also won the recognition of advertising users and the praise of readers

what is more important is that it has improved the artistry of the cover of the journal building energy efficiency and satisfied the needs of enterprises to express their personalities. It gives us a new perspective on the design of the magazine cover and strengthens our courage and belief in continuous exploration. It also plays an important role in further improving the brand of periodicals

IV. conclusion

part time job in scientific and technological journals is a one-sided tension between part-time job in science and technology and part-time job in publishing. The art editing of scientific and technological journals bears a large number of editing, typesetting, design and other heavy part-time jobs at ordinary times, and the part-time job has strong overlap, so it is easy to fall into the void of creative passion in graphic design and become insipid. Therefore, we must strive to learn new common sense, keep pace with the times, and comply with the development requirements of scientific and technological journals, On the basis of connecting the stable characteristics and styles of scientific and technological journals, find the style positioning required by the development of the industry. The cover advertisement is the main page of the periodical advertisement. Therefore, the art editor should inquire about the content, product characteristics and market needs of the advertisement to highlight the product positioning, market positioning and civilized positioning of the advertising enterprise according to the product characteristics of the enterprise in the design

be good at learning and have high scientific civilization and professional essence. Dare to rush the old design ideas, continuously update my outlook and aesthetic taste, and meet the needs of the development of scientific and technological journals; We should deeply observe the social needs and establish new design expectations. The cover design of periodicals is an ornamental art. When periodicals are introduced to society as commodities, they begin to give readers a visual blow, if there is no strange design style and violent visual blow

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