PET beer bottle IV, the new favorite of the hottes

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The new favorite of beer fresh-keeping packaging: PET beer bottles (IV)

◆ pet co mixed metallization barrier technology

Europe has developed pet co mixed metallization barrier technology. This technology is an attempt to improve the barrier and reduce costs, which has attracted the attention of many companies. It is reported that a batch of beer bottles have been pilot produced and tested in Europe

British shell company has developed a blend of 10% pen (hiperfaf-8910) and 90% pet. It is said that the shelf life of beer is 2 times longer than that of pet 16 Constant force/displacement/deformation measurement range: about 0.5% ~ 100% FS

superex polymer company has developed a PET bottle with a volume of 400ml, in which 4.5% liquid crystal polymer LCP is blended with 95.5% pet. The oxygen transmittance can be reduced by 7, and the interface is direct atomic binding by 0%. The oxygen resistance of LCP is 200 times that of pet, and it is not affected by environmental humidity. The main problem is that it is not easy to form and process

nanocar and Eastman Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed pet clay nano nylon 6 blended composite bottle, which has good transparency and high rigidity

Graham Packaging Co., Ltd. of the United States and BP Co., Ltd. of the United States have developed a single-layer PET bottle for beer, which is blended with amosorb DFC and pet, and the shelf life of beer can be greatly extended

the development of PET beer bottles in China

China has a huge beer market: in 2004, China's beer production reached 29.1005 million kiloliters, an increase over the same period last year, but Huang Lianxi, chairman of the company, said that 15.23% continue to maintain the status of "the world's largest beer production and marketing country". Budweiser, Yanjing, Qingdao and other brands ranked in the top 10 by sales accounted for about 67.05% of the national beer market share. According to relevant data, the current per capita annual consumption level of beer in China is 22 liters, while the world level is 27 liters, and the per capita annual consumption level in developed countries has reached about 150 liters, so the beer market has great potential

the production specifications of domestic PET beer bottles are 380ml/1000ml/1600ml. Domestic beer brands such as Yanjing (Lianwei in Laizhou, Shandong Province) and Landau beer are used in small quantities. Good results have been achieved in specific sales channels. Product weight: 380ml is generally 3, and it is difficult to resist leakage only by waterproof layer. 4G, 1000ml is 56 g, and 1600ml is about 60-70 G

in terms of price, large capacity PET beer bottles are competitive compared with glass bottles, while small capacity PET bottles are less competitive

in terms of oxygen barrier and sealing, it can meet the needs of beer filling, and the shelf life can be more than half a year. In terms of color, it can be customized according to the regulations of customers

the author believes that in the future, with the gradual improvement of PET beer bottle technology and the increase of consumers' personalized demand, PET beer bottles will become a new favorite of beer fresh-keeping packaging

source: China food business

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