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Perspective of modern in mold labeling technology interview with Mr. Chen benjian, sales representative of Netstal Netflix injection molding machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

in mold label (IML) was born in Europe 25 years ago. Because of its unique advantages in increasing the aesthetics of packaging containers, improving economic benefits, environmental protection, and enhancing anti-counterfeiting, it is widely favored in the industry. In foreign countries, the application of this technology has entered a mature stage, but it has just begun in China. Among the owners of in mold labeling technology, Netstal has made important contributions to the promotion of this technology. Recently, with regard to the application details and development trend of this technology, I interviewed Mr. Chen benjian, the sales representative of Netstal Netflix injection molding machine plastic granulator industry code in urgent need of improvement (Shanghai refined oil market is broad)

: for packaging containers, what are the advantages of in mold labeling

Mr. Chen: the advantages of in mold labeling are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Cost. From the perspective of production process, since the containers and labels are completed at one time, there is no need for subsequent processing, which ensures that the manufacturer can deliver goods in time, reduces inventory, and helps to shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency. In terms of the materials used, including label materials and container materials, the labels used for in mold labeling do not need backing materials, which can reduce the cost; For container materials, because the label is embedded in the container body, it can improve the strength of the container, so as to reduce the material consumption of the container. Today, with the rising cost of materials, this is a very important aspect

2. Aesthetics. The label pasted in the mold is firmly inlaid, waterproof and moisture-proof, and feels smooth. It not only has the overall effect of direct silk printing, but also perfectly reflects the exquisite patterns and small words like self-adhesive labels. Because the label labeled in the mold is closely combined with the body of the packaging container, it can resist the collision, scratching and pollution in the process of production and transportation, and is not as easy to be damaged and fall off as adhesive and heat shrinkable labels. At the same time, the label can also be deformed with the deformation of the packaging container, without bubbles, wrinkles and other phenomena

3. Environmental protection. Although there are many kinds of materials for labeling in the mold, common plastic containers are matched with materials with the same composition. Because the label and the container body are integrated, they can be recycled together, which is convenient for the recycling of containers

4. Security. Enhancing the anti-counterfeiting ability of products is one of the important starting points for manufacturers who pursue product quality and crystal brand to choose in mold labeling. The high-tech content of in mold labeling increases the difficulty of counterfeiting. Its high technology is mainly reflected in the links of material selection, label production, mold structure design, production equipment and technology

: what materials are used for in mold labeling? What problems should packaging suppliers pay attention to when selecting label materials

Mr. Chen: the substrates used for in mold labeling of packaging containers usually include PP, pet, EPE, multilayer (opp+al+cpp) film, BOPP, PE, metal film, PP synthetic paper, etc. Generally speaking, ordinary synthetic paper has poor surface smoothness, low strength and cannot be elastically deformed, so it is not suitable for high-grade printing, but only for large-area can body products. For the application of high-grade color printing and various exquisite products, PP, PE, PP coated or PP/PE composite should be selected. In particular, the surface of multi-layer co extruded substrate is smooth and suitable for a variety of printing methods, and there will be no problems such as overprint and inaccurate die cutting due to deformation in the processing process. Some tomb materials such as primax and flashclear can also withstand tensile and shrinkage deformation. When the bottle body is deformed, they will also be deformed, so that there will be no wrinkling on the surface of the bottle body. In addition, in terms of the properties of the substrate, PE is the most flexible, PP/PE is the second, and PP has the most stiffness. Besides paper, they all have certain waterproof, oil and acid-base properties. For the price of labels, although there are certain price differences between labels of different materials, the price differences of label raw materials will not significantly affect the cost of containers due to the small proportion of labels in the cost of containers. Therefore, when choosing label materials, packers should first meet their own requirements. On this basis, they don't have to compare prices too much and choose materials they are familiar with

: in mold labeling is a complex process, which requires the cooperation of injection molding machine, mold, automation (manipulator) and label. How do you handle the relationship between these four aspects

Mr. Chen: the label in the mold is made of plastic film or paper coated with special hot-melt adhesive, which can be used in blow molding, injection molding and thermoforming processes. The manufacturing process is: the manipulator sucks up the printed label, places it in the mold, and melts the hot-melt adhesive on the back of the label in the mold with the help of the high temperature when the plastic melt melts, so as to integrate the label and the container. The biggest difference between in mold labeling and traditional labeling is that the labeling method is different. The label of in mold labeling is not pasted after the plastic container is fully formed, but completed together with the container molding. In this process, it is a one-stop integration technology from the raw material end (plastic material, label material, printing end, letterpress printing, gravure printing, lithography printing), equipment end (injection molding machine) to the mold end (electrostatic adsorption, vacuum adsorption, moisture adsorption), mechanical automation end (labeling system), and then to the labeling container modeling end (plane labeling, arc labeling, 360 ° curve cup labeling), The relationship between them is complementary. The quality of the label directly determines the beauty of the product. The quality of the mold design is directly related to the success of the whole labeling. As a transmission tool, the manipulator plays a very important role in the positioning of the label. In this integration technology, the molding equipment is the main link. Only if the injection molding machine has good mold opening and closing stability and positioning accuracy, can it ensure that the thin label will not move in the mold, and the injection pressure must be controlled within a reasonable parameter range, so as to achieve the high-speed injection and high-pressure process conditions required for in mold labeling

: what are the more important influencing factors in the specific production process of in mold labeling? What do you think is the most important? What is its importance

Mr. Chen: in the technology of in mold labeling, the main influencing factors include labels, molds, robots, and molding equipment, of which the most important is injection molding production equipment. People often ignore injection molding equipment and think that as long as the label in the mold is beautiful, it can produce beautiful products, which is actually a misunderstanding. The importance of the above links lies in:

1. Labels. The label is a very important link in production. The quality of the label is directly related to the quality of the product. The most important influence on the label is printing. If the inking property of the label is not good, it is easy to cause the pollution of the ink to the mold, resulting in the poor effect of the product

2. mold. The quality of mold design is directly related to the output, quality and life of products, because mold accounts for a large part of the investment of IML

3. manipulator. In the whole production, manipulator also plays a very important role. The manipulator should ensure that the label is placed in the correct position when placing the label, so as to avoid re labeling of the product

4. equipment. Injection molding equipment plays a vital role in the production of in mold labeling. As the labeling system is a fully automated system, its requirements for injection molding equipment are fast injection molding speed, short molding cycle, high injection pressure, large mold opening stroke, and stable production, especially the accuracy and stability of injection molding machine, short production cycle and low wear rate. If the stability of the machine is not good, the accuracy of the mold opening position will be reduced, resulting in an increase in defective products. Since the wall thickness of the in mold labeled container is generally 0.15 ~ 0.2mm, the minimum requirement for the injection molding machine is that the injection speed reaches 450mm/s and the injection pressure reaches 3000bar (1bar=105pa). Netstal machine can easily achieve these indicators in a very short reaction time, and its reproducibility is very good

: there is no need for late labeling, so it will not be polluted later. This is the advantage of in mold labeling, but it is difficult to avoid the generation of dust in actual production, which is not allowed for food packaging. How do you think this problem should be solved

Mr. Chen: generally, food packaging products are required to be produced in a clean room with a certain level. The synergy series of Netstal and the newly developed elion all electric series of standard machines can meet the requirements of production in the clean room. Because the frames are raised by raising the shock feet, they have been greatly improved in improving cleanliness; The water-cooled drive system effectively prevents the possible pollution to the environment when the air is cooled; The lubricating oil of the machine is non-toxic lubricating oil approved by FDA of the United States; The protective device at the upper end of the mold lock effectively prevents the hydraulic oil from entering the mold area from the mold lock area, so as to ensure that the product will not be polluted

: what solutions can your company provide for in mold labeling? Where is its progressiveness embodied

Mr. Chen: as a technology pioneer in the field of in mold labeling, Netstal can provide comprehensive technical support from the early development of products to the mass production of the whole product. Netstal has more than 30 years of experience in IML, and currently has more than 300 systems running in the world. At the same time, Netstal has fixed long-term partners, such as manipulator and mold manufacturers, who are also pioneers of IML technology. Netstal and partners can discuss important technical problems such as manipulator and mold with customers to solve technical problems in any link of IML production, from design, equipment to process. A large part of IML products are thin-walled products to achieve low cost and reduce weight, and Netstal equipment can meet the requirements of thin-walled precision products with its extremely high accuracy and reproduction accuracy. In terms of the structure of the machine, the five point elbow mold locking system of Netstal machine and the integral structure frame ensure the excellent overall rigidity of the machine. The clamping guide structure ensures the accurate and stable opening and closing of the mold, and its position accuracy can reach +/-0.1mm. At the same time, it also ensures that the position of the label will not change after the manipulator places the label. The optimized kinematic design of force and speed and the standard hydraulic accumulator can easily meet the minimum injection speed (450mm/s) required by IML injection molding production. What basic rules should be followed in the maintenance of fatigue experimental instruments, while the injection speed of all synergy machines of Netstal has even reached 1000mm/s, and the injection pressure is as high as 3000bar; In terms of screw, the positioning accuracy of hi melt screw of Netstal machine has reached 0.005mm, which is very suitable for processing plastics used in IML containers; In terms of software, Netstal has created a patented full closed-loop control system. Because the control points of the system have reached 80 points, from gb/t 90.2 (2) 002 fastener acceptance inspection

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