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Personalized design of commodity packaging (Part 2)

enhance its personalization through the design of container modeling

container modeling and outer packaging are a pair of lips and teeth dependent relationship. The curvature and tension of the form, the contrast of the line, the visual effect of the body, the color and material of the container can create a unique charm. For example, the packaging design of "Sanxingdui ancient wine with low sample pressure" series, which is produced in Sichuan, is widely recognized by consumers who put this kind of packaging structure in the microwave oven for the convenience of food heating in order to establish their own distinctive personality in the market. The overall image of wine packaging not only skillfully adopts the shape of local unearthed cultural relics, but also expresses the origin of wine and culture, shaping a good personality. When using the shape of cultural relics unearthed in Sanxingdui, Sichuan Province, the wine packaging plans to establish the first domestic factory to produce the material in Mianyang. Two longitudinal human faces (thousand mile eyes) and bronze heads (ears of the wind), which are the most representative of the artistic style of Sanxingdui, are selected as models for design. The lines are hard and clear, the outline is accurate and vivid, and the corresponding outer box design is matched. The unearthed bronze patterns are used as the background around the side of the outer box, Simple and elegant, so that the artistic style echoes inside and outside. It is a successful and perfect personalized design with strong expressiveness. It stands out among similar products, has unique characteristics, and is impressive and unforgettable

box structure is the prerequisite for personalized packaging.

the protection function of packaging is important, and the box structure of square blocks is indeed conducive to the protection of goods and transportation, but the personalized characteristics are relatively weak. On the shelves of supermarkets, the usual packaging form of commodity promotion is not ideal. In order to solve the problem that it not only has good protection function, but also has a novel and unique box type, we should work hard on the structure, make full use of the properties of paper, plate and other materials, and use folding, folding, cutting and monomer building combination on the premise of reducing buffer impact force, with the help of decorative lines and other methods; In addition, the polyhedron structure, display structure, pull-out structure and other aspects can be adjusted according to the shape and material of the internal products, so that the external packaging has a unique publicity, and the organic combination with color and text can reveal the unique charm of the structure. The opening and closing of the packing box are reasonable, and the shape is chic and interesting. With appropriate decoration, this integrated aesthetic feeling is inseparable from the organic processing box structure

embody personalization from the choice of materials

around our life, if we can ignore the interference of color and shape, the rest can be said to be texture. The visual feeling and tactile feeling of materials inadvertently exist around us. The shape and texture we are exposed to are unique to each material. The reasonable application of this unique material in packaging design will bring a visual revolution to the packaging design industry. The unconventional use of materials in packaging will produce unexpected results, which is reflected in Japanese packaging design. The Japanese attach great importance to natural beauty. In terms of packaging materials, they are basically wood, straw, bamboo, soil, cloth, hemp, paper, etc., which intuitively and simply show the freshness, warmth and purity of products. Due to the wide selection of materials, the visual effects of packaging are distinctive and colorful. Miyake's wrinkled texture is boldly used in the design of perfume bottles and clothing, bringing a new visual experience to the world and leaving a distinctive deep impression. Another example is masbox's CD box, which uses special thermal materials, so that any touch with body temperature will leave traces of life in different depths, and then slowly recover. The development of new technology and new materials has made the packaging design take on a unique look. Everyone will form an unrepeatable and purely personalized image on the package due to the different time of touching and the different parts of pinching. While excavating the atmosphere of operating packaging with different materials, we should also consider the issue of green environmental protection, and pay attention to the problem of saving materials and energy or environmental pollution after use and waste, which is also an aspect that cannot be ignored in packaging design

in September, 1997, at a unique packaging design competition held in Paris, France, students were required to reform the original packaging design, innovate and make the original packaging into a multi-purpose packaging box, that is, the packaging has other functions besides the original packaging function. The purpose and significance of this is to educate and strengthen people's deep understanding of saving materials and energy, increase the use value of packaging boxes, and overcome or reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste packaging boxes on the basis of their own enthusiasm

create packaging personality from the decoration method

there are many successful cases in this regard. Through the reasonable combination and collocation of colors, brands, words, clever ideas to express their personality. Conch clothing can be called a member of China's famous brands. In addition to the advantages of product quality, the role of conch clothing packaging is indispensable. Over the past decade, conch clothing packaging has been updated many times, opening the market with a leading personality image, and has achieved commercial success. The company has always adhered to the concept of "highlighting the brand, displaying personality, and improving the image" in the design and positioning of packaging, and has achieved good market results

in a word, with the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, similar products are becoming more and more homogeneous. In a certain sense, the competition between enterprises is transformed into the competition of image power. Design is not only a simple visual stimulation, but also to create information exchange and emotional experience between people and design products. At this time, the transmission of information tends from one-way to two-way, from the surface to the deep, The indistinct boundaries of different colors and the expansion of concepts in the field of packaging design create more physical and psychological space for colorful personalized packaging design. Nowadays, people can choose their lifestyle freely, and the enhancement of economic ability also makes people more free to pursue self-awareness. In order to further meet the needs of social development, commodities and packaging are more finely differentiated to have personality, market and development, and commodities can be marketable at all levels of consumption and meet the various needs of consumers. It can be seen that personalized packaging design will be an inevitable trend in the logistics process now and in the future

Zang Yong of Jiangsu Normal University of technology

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