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Recently, people often reported that the area around Lianhua village, Shazhou street, Jianye District, Nanjing has become a "one-stop" production base for garbage recycling and sales, in which a large amount of plastic garbage is crushed into debris or made into granular semi-finished products, and then sold to plastic processing plants in Nanjing or surrounding provinces and cities to make convenience bags. Forming temperature: 220 (3) 00 ℃

according to the clues, it was found in the secret interview that plastic products, including the highly toxic pesticide 'methamidophos' bottles, have become raw materials without disinfection, and the state has already expressly prohibited the use of recycled plastics for food. According to the local industry and Commerce Department, they have been committed to the investigation and treatment of such family workshops, but they have not played a big role because of 'great resistance'. However, a workshop owner who manufactures and sells recycled plastic particles said that he had been producing here for more than a year and had never seen a law enforcer

Lianhua village has become a 'garbage village'

in Lianhua village, outsiders rent houses of local farmers and engage in various' garbage businesses'. Plastic products are sorted out and subdivided here. Some people only accept beverage bottles, while others only accept all kinds of PVC pipes. According to insiders, this division of labor caters to the needs of the 'market', because plastic regenerates particles and needs to be made of materials of the same material, which leads to 'specialized households' who classify and collect different plastic products. They distribute different plastic products and sell them to nearby processing sites to make polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other chemical raw materials

recently, due to various reasons, the price of chemical raw materials has soared. Yangzi Petrochemical has quoted more than 10000 polyethylene per ton, but here, you can buy a ton of polyethylene with good quality for only 8000 yuan at most. Many small and medium-sized chemical enterprises are flocking to it. The huge market demand makes about 20 small workshops here busy. The pungent smell of garbage, the harmful gas released when melting plastic and the sewage from the workshop washing garbage make it difficult to stay in Lianhua village

high toxic pesticide bottles were shredded. After gaining the trust of a workshop owner, I learned about the process of plastic from garbage to chemical raw materials in detail. There are bundles of plastic films stacked at the gate of the hospital. A middle-aged woman is washing with tap water. These plastic films come from rural vegetable greenhouses. She said it doesn't matter whether there will be pesticide residues on it

after simple washing, these films are stuffed into a machine, crushed into debris, and then melted into a paste. The next process is wire drawing. The pulled paste plastic is cooled by cold water and enters a cutting machine. After this last process, the small cylindrical plastic particles become opaque dark gray 'finished products'

` This is polyethylene, which can be sold for 6000 ~ 8000 yuan a ton ', said the workshop owner` As the price of Yangzi Petrochemical rises, so do we. Anyway, no one wants it

the production process of another workshop is slightly different. Here, plastic waste is cut into debris. On the side of the open space, there are plastic garbage higher than the house. In addition to all kinds of drink bottles, there are many black car oil cans. There is also a pesticide bottle called methamidophos emulsifiable concentrate, which is labeled "highly toxic pesticide"

it is understood that because of its strong toxicity, methamidophos is easily harmful to human health, and the sale of Methamidophos was officially banned by the state on June 30 this year. However, such pesticide bottles are shredded here. The busy workers at the scene said that they only soaked these bottles for a while: ` it's almost a wash with water. Even the washing shape can be divided into sizes, and the composition of materials can be all kinds of detergents` The plastic bottle was crushed into plastic scraps the size of a fingernail, and the workers packed it and waited for the buyer

food bags made of waste plastic

boss Chen of Nanjing Dongbao plastic products factory comes from Fujian. He claims to have been in the plastic bag business for more than ten years. The open space outside his factory was filled with plastic debris, which was no different from the plastic debris seen in Lianhua village. Boss Chen admitted that his dozens of tons of recycled materials every month came from Lianhua village. In his workshop, there are two large workshops and fiveorsix production lines. These plastic chips are blown into plastic bags of various colors by machines

said he wanted to buy some bags to make garbage bags, but was rejected by boss Chen: ` we sell these. 4. Accuracy of experimental force: it is better than ± 1% of the indicated value to make food bags, so we can't make garbage bags`

he denied that the convenience bags he produced went to the Nanjing market: ` I have major customers ordering from other places, and the goods on the Nanjing market are all from Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu` But he said that the production method of those low-cost bags is the same as his own. It is understood that there are many food bag production plants with waste plastic products as raw materials in the suburban counties and suburbs of Nanjing, just like Dongbao plastic factory. The state clearly stipulates that plastic bags made of recycled plastics shall not be used in the food market. According to the person in charge of the technical department of Nanjing plastic factory, some pesticides and medical plastic products are difficult to ensure the complete removal of harmful substances in the processing process. At the same time, plasticizers, pigments and other auxiliary materials in underground pipelines commonly used to transport liquids, gases and loose solids also contain toxins. When the temperature of the contents exceeds 50 ℃, the toxins in the food bag will penetrate into the food, seriously threatening the health of consumers

compared with the booming 'business' of these workshops, the law enforcement work of local industrial and commercial departments appears weak. It is understood that Lianhua village is under the jurisdiction of Nanyuan industrial and commercial office. The director of the Institute said: we know the existence of these small workshops, but we encounter some resistance in the process of law enforcement, and the ban requires comprehensive law enforcement. He said that he would report to the higher authorities to organize a joint law enforcement in the near future. The director of Shazhou industrial and Commercial Institute of Jianye District Administration for Industry and Commerce said that they had carried out a centralized rectification at the beginning of the year, but had little effect

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