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The personalized design of the packaging of foreign wine brands

brands, like the people who buy them, form their own unique personality over time. Brand personality, or brand personality, is determined by the relationship between consumers and brands. Brand personality is a summary of what consumers know, think and feel, with the same objectivity and intuition

Nike, Starbucks, BMW and other world-renowned brands have invested huge amounts of money in brand image development, advertising, sponsorship and other aspects in order to create and maintain a brand personality that is attractive to specific target markets. Why? Because brand personality will convey a certain message to consumers intentionally or unintentionally. It is this kind of communication that determines consumers' purchase decisions

we know that the reason why consumers choose a certain car or clothing is largely because the correct choice can reflect consumers' personal taste and style from the front. From this we can see how important brand personality is to a brand

the brand personality of wine is determined by many factors: country of origin, name of origin, variety, awards, evaluation scores and price. They are the objective information that constitutes the personality structure of the brand. The intuitive connections that consumers rely on to complete their personality performance are very subtle: point of sale, brand series, brand image, and of course, the packaging of goods

if consumers are very familiar with a wine brand, they will expect the packaging of wine to strengthen their existing positive information. Excluding the "predictive" information of consumers, wine packaging may play the most important role in the process of establishing brand personality

in either case, wine packaging establishes and strengthens the unique brand personality of wine, and helps determine which wine brands are invited to the table and which wine brands are left on the price

a few years ago, my packaging design studio HKA upgraded the packaging of a famous wine brand in the United States. This project includes a very detailed and independent consumer market survey to evaluate consumers' views on new and old packaging design. The old and new packaging adopt the same brand name and similar brand structure, but there are slight differences in design: refining the brand elements, changing the paper and tone, improving the printing quality, and adopting more complex neck labels

although it is only a small change, the target consumers' evaluation of these two kinds of packaging is quite different, and consumers' impression of the brand is also greatly affected

consumer surveys show that the impression generated by packaging alone is enough to make consumers' expectations of a brand's taste, quality and reputation change dramatically, which shows the great differences in brand personality

the survey also showed that after the adoption of new packaging, consumers' purchase interest increased by 22%. In addition, the new packaging has also changed the priority of consumers for the two competitors

internally made and revised fertilizer grading, general Portland cement and other national mandatory standards, content and style

kendall Jackson brand is a good example of creating, supporting and evolving brand personality through the evolution of packaging. Such brand personality can expand the consumption attraction while still maintaining the stability of its core values. The brand personality is preserved, but the brand style continues to move forward

over the past 15 years, HKA has continuously evolved the packaging of Kendall Jackson brand. Each evolution of the packaging has consolidated and improved the brand image of Kendall Jackson leaf logo and family name, and other elements of the brand packaging have also been refined to express Kendall Jackson's unremitting pursuit of quality. While adjusting the very active packaging style of China's current mechanical plastic 5 gold mold market to meet consumers' expectations for high-quality fine wine, the brand image (or personality) is strengthened with each packaging improvement

this consumption survey made it clear that Kendall Jackson is "the first brand image trusted by consumers" (Merrill Lynch research, May 2002), which further proves the value of brand evolution

perhaps the following facts can better prove the value of brand evolution: Kendall Jackson was the first best-selling brand in the 750ml fine wine market in the United States in 2002

expectation of achievement

Hardys, a famous Australian wine brewing enterprise, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the company in 2003. As part of the celebration, Hardys launched a new wine series Hardys stamp series wine in the U.S. market. The new series has previously been successful in the Australian and British markets. While introducing a new and contemporary Australian brand image to American consumers, it will also fully tap the rich heritage of Hardys company over the past 150 years. Hardys' new 750ml glass bottle and innovative 3-liter small oak barrel high-quality single variety wine express its unique product positioning to consumers

Hardys' new packaging in the U.S. market reflects the new brand personality expected by Americans from distant Australia. The new packaging wonderfully integrates the bright colors with strong impact, Australia's unique natural landscape and contemporary Australian art, and improves the brand image of Australia Hardys stamp series with the momentum of four or two pounds, except for several large plastic enterprise groups with younger facilities. The novel design and Hardys' quality logo ensure that the Australian Hardys stamp series wines are fashionable and continue the quality tradition of Hardys company

Hardys stamp series wines are the first to be packaged in 3-liter oak barrels in the U.S. market. Therefore, it is particularly important for oak barrels to strengthen the brand personality of traditional 750ml glass bottles and express that two different forms of packaging contain the same high-quality wine

in support of this guiding ideology, the front panel of the oak barrel is printed with exaggerated photos of 750ml wine bottles with colored backgrounds, suggesting trendiness, entertainment and hospitality. Such a design can guarantee consumers the quality of bottled wine they drink from practical oak barrels

the most important thing is that Hardys places barreled wine and bottled wine side by side in the single variety area in the store price

since the launch of the new series in the United States, the sales of the two kinds of packaging have been very good. In the first few months, more than 100000 barrels were sold in oak barrel packaging alone. Hardys stamp series is changing the attitude and expectations of American wine consumers towards boxed wine. Hardys brand is promoting the establishment of a brand-new wine market - high-quality single variety carton wine with year indication. This is Hardys' victory and a strong proof of the successful brand positioning through packaging design

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