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Detailed planning of Boao tourist resort

Abstract: detailed planning of Hainan Boao tourist resort

Keywords: detailed planning of tourist resort Untitled Document I, planning scope and current situation overview 1.1 planning scope the detailed planning scope is located in the northeast of Boao tourist resort, including 1500 mu of land and Dongyu Island, with a total of about 3.58 square kilometers. The land is about 3200 meters long from north to south. The electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of the instrument adopts high-precision load sensors to measure the force meters, and the length from east to west is about 2000 meters. 1.2 overview of the current situation 1.2.1500 Mu 500 mu land has completed the transformation of the terrain, the Westin Hotel is under construction, and two vacation apartments and Vacation Management buildings have been built. 1.2.21000 Mu 1000 mu land has been reserved with better Casuarina equisetifolia forests and coconut trees. At present, the terrain has been transformed in the west part, the water surface has been excavated, and the waterways within 1000 mu have been dredged. 1.2.3 Dongyu Island Dongyu Island currently has a good ecological environment, The paddy fields and island jungles on the island form a unique landscape. Villages are scattered in high-altitude places on the island. The vegetation around the villages is dense and the environment is beautiful. The island jungles that need to be preserved on Dongyu Island: the neem, magpie kidney tree and short spike fishtail sunflower communities in the Northeast of the village and the surrounding Island jungles downhill Village, covering an area of 1800 square meters, are the defective mangroves on the beach in the northeast of the island, The half mangrove forest system with an area of about 200 square meters is near the ditch in the northwest and northeast of the island. After geological exploration, it is estimated that there are faults in the southwest of Dongyu Island, which are not suitable for construction. In addition, Shapo island has built a golf course and has been put into use, but the supporting facilities are relatively insufficient. It is necessary to set up a golf supporting club near Shapo island in Dongyu island. II. Planning and design principles and objectives, high starting point and high standard, Operate according to international practice, combine the current situation, based on the protection and rational utilization of the ecological environment, make unified planning, adhere to high standing, high starting point and high standards, and provide first-class vacation, entertainment and all kinds of services for investors and urban residents. Take advantage of 3M company's release of a series of low VOC adhesive tapes, learn from the international successful experience in the construction of seaside tourism resorts, and operate according to international practice. And pay attention to the operability of the planning, which is conducive to the phased implementation of the establishment of the framework of ecological environment and landscape system. River sea intersections, hot springs and good ecological environment are the resource advantages of Boao tourism resort. The planning should be based on building Boao tourism resort into a first-class resort based on ecological and environmental protection, and respect the existing good landscape environment, Establish a complete landscape system frame SMM news: 10 years later, we may still be inseparable from the electric frame; Boao resort will be built into a comprehensive tourism resort with advanced facilities, beautiful scenery and integrated tourism, vacation, leisure and entertainment. Increase the technical content and cultural connotation of planning and design, and improve the quality of tourist resorts. The construction of tourist areas should promote the development of Boao region and the accelerated development of regional economy. The construction of tourist areas will provide a lot of employment opportunities for the local people and increase the tax sources of local governments. Therefore, the planning of tourist areas should consider the economic construction of the whole region. In addition to vacations and amusement projects, it should also emphasize domestic and foreign conferences, exhibitions, cultural and technological exchanges Arrangement of facilities such as education and training III. planning, design and construction project 3.1 construction project the construction content of this detailed planning includes Dongyu Island: ⑴ Asia Forum ⑵ state guesthouse ⑶ Asia Forum accommodation ⑷ Dongyu five-star hotel ⑤ Golf Club (6) Dongyu island tourist resort villa area (7) Dongyu Island waterscape villa area (8) Dongyu island residential village (9) diplomatic Training Center (11) 1000 mu high-tech research and Development Center (12) Hotel (1) Hotel (2) (14) JIEHAO village ⒂ hotel area (16) 500 mu business street: ⒄ a Island villa area (18) B Island villa area (19) C Island villa area ⒇ Resort Apartment area and dock area within the whole planning scope, a total of 6 docks and 4 large parking lots are set table 1 Hainan Boao tourism resort detailed planning project construction table zoning construction project planning covers a construction area of 500 mu (Sun City) 1.26ha 3900 square meters of a Island villa area has been completed, The buildings are all one to two floors, 51 villas, 1.98ha villa area on B Island, 4440 square meters at the same time, 4.92ha villa area on C Island, 11200 square meters holiday apartment area, 4.65ha 43200 square meters, 6-story wharf area on the north, 1.48 ha 3000 square meters wharf area, including wharf and leisure square, the building is two floors, 1000 mu hotel area, 3.45 ha 45220 square meters, and the building is mainly three floors, No more than four storeys of commercial street, 4.13 ha, 25000 square meters of buildings, no more than three storeys of world friendly village, 40.88 ha, 60000 square meters, 18 representative world villages are selected, and the villages are separated by trees. The hotel 1, 2.25 ha, 21500 square meters of guest room area, is three storeys, and the rest is no more than three storeys. The hotel 2 (five-star hotel) is 6.81 ha, 43000 square meters, and the number of buildings near the water surface is no more than three storeys, The north is no more than 4 floors, Dongyu Island Asia Forum 19.49 ha 29500 square meters, including the conference center, banquet building, central building, management center, ceremony square and helicopter airport. The building height is no more than 30 meters, the Asia Forum accommodation is 5.09 ha, 20000 square meters, the guest room area is three floors, and the fitness center is a three story state guesthouse, 5.79 ha, 17600 square meters. The number of building floors of the riverside part is no more than two floors, The rest is no more than three-story five-star hotels, 4.58 ha, 21000 square meters, golf clubs, 1.21 ha, 7500 square meters, supporting clubs, vacation villas, 9.38 ha, 31600 square meters, tourist reception and accommodation, waterscape villas, 19.88 ha, 55000 square meters, export villas, diplomatic training center, 18.16 ha, 46800 square meters, high-tech research and development

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