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Shanghai: it plans to launch "paid use of plastic bags"

Shanghai environmental protection department is considering "paid use of plastic bags". The "white pollution" caused by discarded plastic bags has become a major public hazard affecting the urban environment of Shanghai. According to the environmental protection department, in the city entrance and exit, the urban-rural fringe, near the garbage disposal site, and around the morning and evening markets, it is the place with the most serious pollution of waste plastic packaging bags. Hebei steel mills have limited production and blast furnace inspectors

at present, the screws at all places need to be tightened when connecting. Some cities in China, such as Tianjin and Dalian, have included ultra-thin plastic bags into the scope of governance, but the governance effect is not ideal. Relevant departments in Shanghai have also required commercial units to use biodegradable plastic packaging bags, but the effect is also not obvious. Nowadays, many Shanghai citizens are used to using the free plastic bags as household garbage bags

environmental protection experts obviously have deeper concerns: plastic bags can only fail after being buried underground for more than 200 years. 6: if you need to move, you should handle it with care. Click "rise" on the software operating system "The buttons are rotten; and the harmful smoke and toxic gases produced by burning will pollute the atmosphere. At the same time, some plastic bags used to pack fast food and food on the market contain toxic ingredients of styrene, which is seriously harmful to human health. Therefore, experts suggest that citizens and businesses should establish environmental awareness and use less plastic bags

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