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Shanghai Packaging Association held a symposium on packaging and environmental protection

today, in building a conservation oriented society, the reduction of commodity packaging, the recycling of packaging materials and excessive packaging have become the focus of attention, and the relevant government departments have also attached great importance to it. Before the Spring Festival last year, the national development and Reform Commission and other six ministries and commissions jointly issued a notice on excessive packaging of goods. By the end of the year, the notice of the general office of the State Council on restricting the use of plastic shopping bags in production and sales required that plastic shopping bags should no longer be used for free from June 1 this year; The National Standards Commission also released the draft of the general rules for restricting excessive packaging of commodities for comments. This series of measures has fully reflected the determination of relevant government departments to accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, as well as the measures implemented to control environmental pollution

in order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the notice, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association recently held a symposium on packaging and environmental protection. The symposium implemented the spirit of the notice of the general office of the State Council on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags. The meeting specially invited more than 30 representatives of production enterprises, relevant experts, professors, leaders of food and health products associations and relevant government departments to attend the meeting. At the meeting, everyone had a heated discussion on the hot and difficult issues of implementing the plastic limit order

the representative of Shanghai outsourcing association first reported some views of the association on the current implementation. Plastic restriction is not equal to plastic prohibition; Plastic restrictions should not increase the burden on consumers; Plastic restrictions should facilitate circulation and consumption; Plastic limit should strengthen recycling; To limit plastic, the government should strengthen macro guidance and policy support, and China Xinda gorgeous unveiled its innovative achievements in the field of materials to win European reputation; It should be installed in the upper limit of concrete foundation plastic, not just a plastic bag problem, etc. six aspects describe the view of the association

the relevant government departments believe that it is very necessary for the association to hold this meeting. They affirm the efforts made by the association in environmental protection packaging, and hope that the association will comprehensively summarize the opinions of all aspects and put forward constructive suggestions to the relevant departments. Leaders of the food and health products industry association said that they are willing to work together with the Packaging Technology Association to do a good job in this work. Experts and professors at the meeting also put forward many insightful views and reasonable suggestions. The media attending the meeting paid close attention to the theme and content of the meeting, further improved product quality, and actively cooperated with publicity and reporting

the association said that in recent years, the association has attached great importance to promoting green packaging. A professional committee on green packaging was established 10 years ago to vigorously advocate the concept of green packaging without pollution in the whole production process of polylactic acid, and is committed to promoting the use of degradable plastics, paper pulp molding environmental protection materials and the recycling of packaging materials. In order to curb the phenomenon of excessive packaging, the association has done a lot of work for many years. And accepted the topic of the Municipal Economic Commission and formulated the "Interim Measures for appropriate packaging of goods in Shanghai" (proposal). In the current work of implementing the spirit of the notice and limiting excessive packaging, the association should actively popularize environmental protection knowledge, improve public environmental awareness, strengthen the publicity of resource protection, and promote the healthier development of commodity packaging

Author: Shu Renhou

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