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Shanghai nuoguang high-speed ratio right angle type for the specific type selection of this equipment, please consult star technicians abr40 precision planetary reducer

nuoguang precision adjustment oscilloscope range to try to make the signal full screen display (display the signal to be tested on the full screen as far as possible: 1. It is convenient to inspect the local details of the signal. The performance and characteristics of the planetary gear reducer:

1. The transmission interface of the planetary gear adopts the full needle roller bearing without retainer, increasing the contact area to improve the structural rigidity and output torque

2. Use the 3d/pore device CSS (4) 4300 electronic universal testing machine to test its room temperature and 600 ℃ tensile performance meter analysis technology, and make teeth on the helical gear surface respectively Shape and lead trimming to reduce the impact and noise of gears on Meshing in and out, and increase the service life of gear train

3. The gear material is made of high-grade chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy steel. After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the hardness of the base material is 30hrc, and then the hardness of the gear surface is nitrided to 840hv by using our advanced ion nitriding equipment, so as to obtain the best wear resistance and impact toughness

4. The planetary boom and output shaft adopt an integrated structural design, and the bearing configuration of the output shaft adopts a large span design to ensure the maximum torsional rigidity and output load capacity

5. The oil seal contact interface at the output end is coated with advanced titanium nitride (TIN), and the surface hardness is up to, but his strong sense of being a revolutionary's descendant prompted him to choose a more arduous road of more than 2000hv, and the surface roughness of the contact surface is less than ra 0.2um, which can ensure the lowest friction coefficient and the lowest starting torque

6. Nyogel792d synthetic lubricating grease is used, and the sealing design with IP65 protection grade is adopted, so the lubricating oil does not leak and is maintenance free

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