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Shanghai packaging and Paper Group has taken major measures in property right reform. According to the development idea of "focusing on the innovation of property right system and accelerating the reform of mixed ownership", Shanghai Light Industry Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. transferred part of its equity to Shanghai Shengguang Investment Co., Ltd., a private enterprise, by "marrying the beautiful women first" of its secondary group company, Shanghai packaging and paper (Group) Co., Ltd, And jointly establish a new company with mixed ownership with other asset management companies after the group's debt to equity swap. Since then, under the guidance of the light industry group, after three years of hard exploration, Shanghai packaging and Paper Group has finally created a 'blood road' for the group to "emancipate the mind, seek opportunities, make decisive decisions, and take the initiative", and built a broad platform for the strategic concept of "Second Entrepreneurship" from a high starting point. Through this major measure, the introduction of private capital holdings and the introduction of market-oriented business concepts, mechanisms and management methods are conducive to fundamentally promoting the transformation of mechanisms and avoiding the risks of state-owned assets. There is g. walking space: 950mm (excluding grippers, special testing space can also be customized according to customer needs). By taking advantage of complementary advantages, we can strengthen the huge economic cooperation and technical exchange in China's industry and enhance market competitiveness, Expand the relevant introduction of metallographic microscope calibration steps, increase market share, improve the quality of economic operation, and achieve a win-win situation

the major measures of the property right reform of Shanghai packaging and paper group are not only in the forefront of the transformation of state-owned secondary companies in the Shanghai light industry system, but also one step ahead in the domestic industry as a large state-owned packaging and printing enterprise. Through the transformation, the development of the group can be incorporated into the fast track of private enterprises, which conforms to the current situation, including: 1 Plastic woven bag; 2. Plastic packing belt and binding rope; 3. Plastic turnover box; 4. Plastic hollow containers; 5. Plastic film bag; 6. Plastic film; 7. Foamed plastic; 8. Plastic mesh bag; 9. Plastic hose; 10. Plastic compound irrigation conforms to the trend. With the sincere cooperation of both sides, the future is extremely broad and the prospect is infinitely bright

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