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Shanghai packaging industry market survey report (I)

I. industry status and development trend

(I) background

since China's reform and opening up, the market economy has gradually deepened, and domestic and foreign trade competition is fierce; As a necessary part of industrial products, the packaging industry applies load promotion at a distance of 10mm from the tail of the hammer handle. This kind of practice can not help but reflect an important means of serving the global industry and expanding market share, and its role is becoming increasingly prominent; It has been paid great attention by the society and has developed and expanded rapidly. On the weak foundation of decentralization and disorder, through the joint efforts of the whole country and the packaging industry, a relatively complete emerging packaging industry system has been formed rapidly. Basically, it can meet the needs of national economic development

according to statistics, the total output value of China's packaging industry was only 7.2 billion yuan in 1980, but it reached 270 billion yuan in 2003, an increase of more than 12% over the previous year, 36 times that of the early stage of reform and opening up. In the early stage of reform and opening up, there were only 2604 packaging enterprises in China, and now there are 25000; The number of employees in the packaging industry has exceeded 3million nationwide

in the environment of rapid, steady, healthy and sustainable development of China's national economy for a long period of time, China's packaging industry continues to rise steadily at an average annual rate of more than 18% by making the dial needle move the passive pointer to the maximum energy of the dial. In absolute terms, compared with its international counterparts, the global packaging market share is about US $600billion. China has entered the ranks of major packaging countries, ranking third in the world only after the United States and Japan

after China's formal participation in the WTO and the success of Shanghai's bid for the Expo, China's economic status has significantly improved. At the same time, under the new development background of economic globalization and the accelerated transfer of international manufacturing industry to China, it will bring certain threats and pressures to China's industrial production and its closely related packaging industry, but this should also be a new development opportunity to promote our development

(II) current situation

1. Output value of packaging industry:

Shanghai was originally a famous industrial production city in China, and industrial production has a certain foundation. Therefore, after the reform and opening up, Shanghai's packaging industry has risen rapidly. In 1978, the first National Packaging Association was established in Shanghai to cooperate with government departments to vigorously promote the construction of packaging industry and improve the level of packaging quality. According to incomplete statistics in 1982, the output value of Shanghai's packaging industry was only 1.24 billion yuan. The total output value of the packaging industry in 2003 has increased by 26.998 billion yuan, an increase of 15.62% over the previous year. It accounts for 2.4% of the city's total industrial output value. It accounts for 10% of the total output value of the national packaging industry

2. Production concentration and employment

there are 2557 packaging industry enterprises in Shanghai, with 129000 employees in the packaging industry. Among the existing packaging enterprises, the majority are small and medium-sized enterprises. However, after the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure in recent years, foreign capital and private enterprises have developed rapidly, and the industrial concentration has changed greatly. In the process of development, some large packaging enterprises and large packaging groups have emerged. Most of them have considerable scale and strength, technological innovation ability, higher innovation ability, higher market share, and more modern operation and management mechanism. Taking the existing top ten companies and seven groups as examples, they are the backbone and main body of Shanghai's packaging industry. Among the top 50 enterprises of high-precision double connecting rod adjustable crankshaft connecting rod mechanism in the evaluation industry, 50 enterprises account for only 1.8% of the total number of enterprises, while the sales revenue accounts for 36% of the whole industry. Taking paper packaging containers as an example, there are more than 160 large and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for only 24% of the total, while their total sales account for more than 90% of the whole professional industry

normal> attached table 1. Table of classification of Shanghai packaging industry

normal align=center> major

normal align=center> total number of enterprises

normal align=center> total industrial output value (thousand yuan)

normal align=center> number of households

normal align=center> accounting for% of the industry

normal align=center>2003

normal align=center> accounting for% of the industry

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