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Recently, the carbon fiber and nylon composite gear independently produced by Shanghai Petrochemical passed the verification and was successfully used in the polymerization process of the acrylic fiber Southern unit, replacing the original source: pure nylon gear imported from China News and publication network. Due to the successful inheritance of the advantages of "parents tighten the connection between the two ends of the sensor", the professional indicators of carbon nickel materials have been greatly improved compared with the original products

according to the test, the tensile strength of carbon nylon material is 123% higher than that of pure nylon, and the bending strength is 1% higher. The technicians of foreign diaphragm enterprises understand the downstream demand by 07%. The high strength of the material ensures that the gear will not be deformed, broken or missing during use, and can calmly deal with equipment overload, mechanical damage and other problems. Due to the high temperature resistance of carbon fiber composite, it can fully meet the long-term high load operation of the equipment, reduce the number of unplanned shutdown of the equipment, and ensure the stability of production and operation

due to the superior rheological and plasticizing properties of carbon fiber composites, the appearance of carbon nylon gears is smooth, the size is regular, the weight deviation is small, and the accuracy of gears is improved. During the installation and disassembly of the equipment, there is no need to knock back and forth, which can achieve perfect fit, and can effectively protect the gear transmission shaft. Generally, the hydraulic equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, and the operation is more stable and accurate. Applied to the feeder, the proportion of polymerization ingredients is more accurate than before, providing a basic guarantee for the improvement of product quality

wear resistance is also a major advantage of carbon fiber composites. The wear rate of carbon gear is much lower than that of nylon gear, and the wear debris is brittle powder particles, which can also play a self lubrication role after mixing with lubricating grease, and its service life is more than four times that of the original gear. The use of carbon gear also saves the operation and maintenance costs of the equipment. The long-term stable operation of the gear ensures the smooth operation of production and improves the quality of acrylic products

statistical data in recent three years show that the consumption of pure nylon gears is about 140 per year, with an average of less than one in three days. Since the trial operation of carbon fiber composite gear in October last year, it has not been replaced or failed, and its service life has reached more than 150 days. While ensuring the stability of production, it also greatly saves production costs

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