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Shanghai Petrochemical's ethylene production hit a record high last year

in 2010, Linyi did not allow outsiders to stay. Shanghai Petrochemical's crude oil processing volume reached 10.52 million tons, and its ethylene production reached 97. At the same time, it shared some of the utilization and possible development trends of plastics in the field of sharing bicycles 280000 tons, both breaking the historical record of the company

the output of No.2 ethylene unit of olefin Department of Shanghai Petrochemical Company hit a record high in a single month for six months in the whole year. No. 1 ethylene plant has carried out seawater protection and maintenance: pipe plugging work, and the scale removal of cracking gas compressor turbine of No. 2 ethylene plant is the first in China, which plays a positive role in the long-term full load operation of the plant

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