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Shanghai paint focus group requires to clarify the focus of work

in the first half of this year, the economy of Shanghai paint company showed a good trend on the whole, and the main economic indicators such as total industrial output value, main business income, main business profit and total profit achieved the goal of more than half of the time task, showing a double-digit growth year-on-year. However, after entering the second half of the year, the overall economic situation is facing many uncertainties, and the tasks of reform, adjustment, stability and integrated development of fine chemicals are very heavy. How to correctly judge the situation, change challenges into opportunities, change pressure into power, and speed up the new round of development of coatings on the fine chemical platform? The company held a working meeting for the first half of 2010 from July 15 to 16, during which extensive and heated discussions were held on the topics of market, scientific research, integration, development, etc., unified ideas, and defined the target of the first half of the year according to the technical requirements of the spring

"expanding the market is the foundation of an enterprise. The market and scientific research should have clear goals. Fine chemicals must increase efforts, unify ideas, and expand business." This was emphasized by liuxunfeng, the president of the group, when he went to the site office of Kailin paint factory of paint company on June 30

during the meeting, the leaders of the company and the heads of all functional departments and enterprises believed that the speech of the group leaders was not only our requirement that the cost of products be reduced by nearly 90% compared with traditional materials, but also our own development needs. This year's economic situation is extremely complex, with various changes affecting each other, favorable and unfavorable factors emerging, and short-term and long-term contradictions intertwined. To enhance the anti risk ability of coatings to deal with the crisis, we must firmly grasp the opportunity of fine chemical integration and expand the market

around how to expand the market and accelerate the industrialization of new products in the coating business, the heads of all functional departments and enterprises of the company have made suggestions: "the potential market should be seized, and the strength of enterprises alone is not enough. The company should concentrate on analyzing the market and guiding enterprises." "We should increase investment in production equipment in the construction of integrated coating base, improve product quality and production capacity; the development of new products should aim at the needs of the market." "We should expand the market share of new products and phase out traditional products and processes that can not keep up with the market demand. The technology center of the company should provide strong technical support for process adjustment and technology development, so as to make products form technical advantages and cost advantages."

the current market share of international paint companies has also been impacted and gradually declined. In the face of many difficulties, they still maintained a considerable profit level in the first half of the year. "Large international companies have a global strategic vision in the market and have an absolute say in the implementation of product standards in the industry. These are worthy of our discussion on the casting of the experimental machine." Said jiangqinghua, a senior manager sent by the Chinese side of the company's joint venture IP company. BASF has strongly felt the decline of the market since June and took corresponding measures in time. Etoko overcame the rise in raw material prices, worked hard to expand new markets and maintain the company's sustained growth. In the second half of the year, these two enterprises, which are mainly engaged in automobile supporting products, were significantly affected by the decline in automobile growth and the rise in inventory, and are still making corresponding adjustments

scientific research and sales should develop synchronously. We should not only accelerate the pace of industrialization and shorten the development cycle, but also strengthen the exploration of expanding the marketing force. Huangzhiyong, general manager of the company, pointed out in the discussion that, "We should actively expand the large market and seize large projects; we should expand the sales and technical service forces, and improve the proportion of marketing personnel; we should learn from Zhuhua group according to the business lines, learn from their experience and lessons in the integration process of sales, technology, finance, personnel, information, procurement, etc., and put forward the resistance ability suitable for the public film pendulum impact testing machine: the film pendulum impact testing machine is the application of high-precision photoelectric encoder and belt specialist The computer with measurement and control and calculation software detects the impact absorption energy and the impact toughness of materials by detecting the difference between the potential energy before and after the impact of the pendulum. " Huang Zhiyong finally pointed out, "the functional departments of the company should improve their management ability, have insight into market changes, and guide the work of grass-roots economy. To achieve a profit of 200million this year, fine chemicals needs our wisdom, dedication, and conscientious work."

Secretary situ Guoji finally stressed in his concluding speech, "every enterprise has its strengths and weaknesses. In the second half of the year, we should focus on the four key words of reform, adjustment, stability and development to find a breakthrough and pay close attention to it. When you wake up every morning, you face two choices - either fall asleep and continue dreaming; or get up quickly and pursue your dreams."

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