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Yan Zilong, general manager of Foshan Yideng door and window Co., Ltd., was interviewed by Huiya media and introduced the advantages and characteristics of Yideng products

Yan Zilong, general manager of Foshan Yideng door and window Co., Ltd.

China aluminum doors and windows: Hello, President Yan, with the gradual youth of the consumer market, diversification and customization have begun to become the mainstream of the market, and the homogenization trend leads to the need to emphasize innovation. In this regard, what are the advantages and characteristics of Yideng's products

president Yan: Yes, the market competition this year has entered a white hot level. Yideng doors and windows relies on product innovation to win the market. 2016 is the year of innovation for Yideng doors and windows. 1. All Yideng door and window products can easily realize indoor and outdoor two colors; 2. The air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance of all exterior wall door and window products can meet the requirements of strict Australian standards; 3. Through the upgrading and transformation of production process and the application of numerical control technology, the product processing accuracy and process level have been greatly improved, so that customers can truly experience the extraordinary level of Foshan aluminum craftsman; 4. The integrated casement window of all types of window screens has achieved standardized production, that is, the accessories are universal and the production mold is universal, which greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality

aluminum doors and windows in China: Terminal Services in the building materials industry are receiving more and more attention. What are Yideng's own characteristic services and upgrades in terminal services

president Yan: Yideng can provide meticulous services. On the basis of transposition thinking, it is urgent for customers and try its best to meet customers' needs; And we are willing to think about any problems of customers. We are not afraid of trouble or loss, because Yideng has only one goal, that is, to facilitate customers and make customers satisfied

China aluminum doors and windows: environmental protection will be an untouchable red line in the development of doors and windows and home furnishing industry. In this regard, door and window enterprises must maintain a clear understanding. So how does Yideng door and window work in actual production, and what are the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection of the products

president Yan: Yideng's concept of environmental protection development is the concept of "great environmental protection". Specifically, the production and processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows is a low pollution and low energy consumption industry, but as a socially responsible high-end door and window production enterprise, Yideng company can monitor pollution from the whole life cycle of the product

at the same time, the product design of Yideng doors and windows gives priority to meeting the requirements of national building energy conservation standards. Aluminum production and aluminum surface treatment must choose enterprises that meet the standards of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In terms of market promotion, Yideng not only introduces product performance, quality and price advantages, but also widely publicizes environmental protection knowledge to the society

China aluminum doors and windows: in 2016, it was called "the return of victory (Saint)" by peers in the industry How will Yideng carry out its work in the second half of the year? What different features will be shown to us

president Yan: the current market competition is extremely fierce, even if there are seventy-two changes in Dasheng, it is also difficult. However, the most important, critical and effective measures are as follows: 1. Highlight the diversification and personalization of products to fully adapt to and meet the choices of diversified markets; 2. Firmly grasp the quality and do not relax. The company can give up profits but not reduce the quality, let alone give up the market; 3. Provide perfect and considerate personalized service, not afraid of trouble, not afraid of loss, just afraid of customer dissatisfaction; 4. Online massive rich information publicity and promotion, offline to promote all-round fixed-point hand-in-hand manufacturers to serve end customers





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