How to identify the black heart decoration company

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Some owners talk about decoration and decoration companies, which is simply a sad tear. It's really a feeling that you can't escape from the thief ship. They spend money and are angry, and they are especially worried about the quality of decoration. The decoration is not over yet, it is already physically and mentally exhausted and unbearable. Now many decoration companies have come up with many promotional means to attract customers. However, these promotions are not really affordable, but through some deceptive means to attract customers, and the final settlement cost will surprise customers. So what if we identify those black hearted decoration companies that are really deceived by these false promotions? Look, Xiaobian will give you some advice. 1. If the single price is lower than the cost price, it is a company that plays tricks, because no one will do business that loses money. 2. Deliberately omitting items is also a decoration company playing tricks; Its purpose is to reduce the total price to deceive you. 3. Companies that are inaccurate in quantity and deliberately underreporting are also playing tricks, confusing customers by reducing the total price. 4. The quotation items of materials and construction technology are not independent, and the description mixed together is not detailed, which is also a company playing tricks. Its purpose is to add items to the project or lay an ambush for changing and adding items. 5. Home decoration companies that invest heavily in media publicity earn not service fees, but material price differences with high profits, because customers cannot understand the market price of materials. The price must be compared, but not the total price. Compare the unit price, quantity, item, material and process; If you compare the total price, you will be cheated, and there will be a large number of additional items waiting for you at the beginning of the project. In the past, there was a customer whose house needed decoration. He got two quotations. The quotation of an acquaintance was 150000, and the quotation of an outside store was 130000. The world always thought that 130000 was cheaper by 20000, so the customer chose 130000. But 150000 people in the acquaintance store earned 10000, but 130000 people in the store earned 30000!! Not living for two years, the house decoration went wrong, because of water leakage, cracking, discoloration and other problems, which is the industry chaos. Ma Yun is right. It's not that there are too many fakes, but that you are too greedy &hellip& hellip; It's not an acquaintance who kills you, but an acquaintance who wants to give you something




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