Gorgeous challenge beauty 70000 play Korean pastor

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House decoration: the decoration area is 53 square meters, which is a Korean pastoral + Mediterranean hybrid style

owner's self statement: the old house in the 1980s was newly made into a wedding house ~ because the owner preferred idyllic beauty, but felt that all the gardens were a little too "rural", it was estimated that he was bored after half a year, so he decided to pretend to be "idyllic + Mediterranean + Korean"! ha-ha! Everything is original! With a building area of 53 square meters, although sparrows are small, they also have all five internal organs! Because the work is too busy, there is no time to go to the household goods store, so all soft clothes are online shopping! The final total cost of hard + soft + home appliances is 73000

the house type diagram is as follows, but there is a small detail difference, that is, the toilet enters from the kitchen





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