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Mr. Liu, a 25-year-old state-owned enterprise employee, has five insurances and one fund, a monthly salary of 8300 yuan, a year-end bonus of 10000 yuan, and a traffic allowance of 600 yuan/month. There is a set of real estate. The mortgage is 10 years, and the monthly repayment is 3000 yuan. It will be repaid by the provident fund until 2022. There is no commercial insurance at present. Working for one and a half years, now the deposit has accumulated 50000 yuan, all of which are deposited by ICBC for one year with a certain amount of stock trend of related companies set every month

single, the normal monthly cost is about 2500 yuan. Now I live with my parents, and my new house can be occupied in the middle of this year. There is a private SUV of 150000 yuan, and the daily expenses of the private car are borne by yourself

analysis of financial situation

Mr. Liu has just graduated and entered the society. He is in the early stage of wealth accumulation. In the future, he will face several life bills, such as marriage, home ownership and pension. At present, Mr. Liu's annual income is 152800 yuan, and the balance proportion of annual income is 56.81%. The balance proportion is still relatively high. At present, the savings is 50000 yuan, without any investment, and the asset liability structure is relatively simple. Now let's take a look at Mr. Liu's financial indicators:

from the above indicators, Mr. Liu's family fund balance is good and his debt is relatively low; However, insufficient investment will affect the future financial freedom of families. At present, Mr. Liu's family investment is zero, and all his savings of 50000 yuan are in the form of fixed deposit, so the allocation of financial assets should be increased. At present, the debt is very easy. The housing loan of 3000 yuan per month can be covered by the provident fund. We can consider appropriate borrowing to improve the speed of household asset appreciation

for household risk management, the reserve fund can be reserved for 3-6 months. Now it has reached 20 months. The fund is seriously idle, and the investment can be appropriately increased; At the same time, the family risk prevention mechanism has not been fully established, and Mr. Liu can consider adding some commercial insurance

financial management objective

it is planned to decorate the house by the end of 2014, about 50000 yuan

invest in short-term financial products to raise decoration funds

Mr. Liu has borrowed money to buy a house and needs to repay the loan of 3000 yuan per month, but the amount withdrawn from the monthly accumulation fund is enough to pay the monthly mortgage, so there is no loan pressure. Prepayment will not be considered temporarily

in the future plan, there is a plan to decorate the house at the end of October this year. We can consider using the current savings deposit of 50000 yuan to buy bank financial products due around October. The period is about 200 days, which can not only obtain relatively high income, but also ensure liquidity, without affecting the decoration money at the end of the year. Mr. Liu can get a higher return while giving consideration to liquidity by combining his own use of money and time

financial management objective

although currently single, I want to optimize the current asset arrangement considering that I will get married in the future

fixed investment of the fund to accumulate special marriage funds

since Mr. Liu is 25 years old and single, he still has a long time to accumulate marriage expenses, Mr. Liu can consider establishing a special marriage fund for himself to prepare for future marriage expenses

it is suggested to adopt the method of fixed investment of funds to accumulate funds. This method has a low monthly investment amount and has the effect of compulsory savings. Use the average cost method to dilute the investment cost, reduce the investment risk, and use the compound interest effect to accumulate funds

in addition, Mr. Liu can reserve 10000 yuan in the future as a family emergency reserve for emergencies. This part of the fund can be considered to buy low-risk monetary funds

financial management objective

at present, there is no financial management. Except for five insurances and one fund, there is no insurance product. Do you want to supplement it

the insurance is mainly annuity insurance, supplemented by serious illness insurance

Mr. Liu has no other insurance except the "five insurances and one fund" provided by the unit. Mr. Liu pays social security normally every month. Due to the impact of inflation and the proportion of enterprise contributions, he also faces the problem of low replacement rate of social security after retirement

it is suggested that Mr. Liu buy annuity insurance. Take an annuity insurance of a bank as an example, the payment period is 10 years, the insurance amount is 300000 yuan, and the annual payment amount is about 22000 yuan. When Mr. Liu retires at the age of 60, he can choose to receive about 460000 yuan at one time in that year; If Mr. Liu chooses to receive the annuity annually (10% of the insured amount is paid on the annuity receiving day of each year), he can receive an annuity of 30000 yuan and a birthday gift of 60000 yuan when he retires at the age of 60, and then receive 30000 yuan every year until Mr. Liu reaches the age of 100 or dies

after Mr. Liu retires at the age of 60, if his annuity is not received, his family can receive a death insurance premium of no less than 600000 yuan to make up for the huge losses that Mr. Liu will bring to the family due to his accidental death

in addition, it is suggested to take annuity insurance as the main insurance and take out additional insurance for major diseases. If Mr. Liu suffers from major diseases, he can also obtain additional compensation outside the scope of national medical insurance, which can greatly reduce the economic burden caused by major diseases

Huang Siying, Feng Yiyan, personal account manager of Beijing Xuanwu branch of ICBC

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(original title: single men get decoration money by short-term financial management)

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