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Doors and windows are the opening and lighting parts of buildings and the weakest link of buildings. Although they account for a small building area, they play a great role

doors and windows are the opening and lighting parts of the building, and they are the weakest link of the building. Although they account for a small building area, they play a great role

the vast majority of burglaries are caused by thieves entering the house through the external wall doors and windows. The light ones lose property and the serious ones hurt people, which has something to do with the fact that the profiles of the external wall doors and windows are generally not solid, the glass is simple and the accessories are simple. Therefore, choosing regular door and window manufacturers, qualified hardware accessories, and safe and environmentally friendly glass structures is the most important and basic in modern home safety. We should improve our correct understanding of doors and windows

safety perspective

the concept of comfort and health is almost the main sign of all building materials. Living standards have improved, and everyone pays attention to comfort and health. But health is far from formaldehyde. Household dust and noise are often important and invisible health killers. Heavy dust leads to more bacteria; What about comfort when there is a lot of noise

comfortable and healthy

many houses spend hundreds of thousands of decoration fees. In the end, they always look strange. When you open the curtains (curtain decoration effect drawing), you always feel that there is something uncoordinated and imperfect. It is precisely the color and style of door and window frames that are making trouble

decoration style matching

mood is a priceless thing! But the reality is that many exterior wall door and window handles have loosened without two years, and they can't be closed tightly or pushed, resulting in bad mood everywhere. Why do good doors and windows bring good mood? Because our minimum action in the morning and night is to open and close the windows


most people don't know the number of times doors and windows are opened, which far exceeds the number of times furniture and home appliances are started and closed. If the door and window switch is a necessary action for everyone every day, why don't we improve the quality of profiles and accessories

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