Warmly congratulate Foshan hope baby home Co., Ltd

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After more than a month of testing and adjustment, I hope the official website of baby home is officially launched. Foshan panbaobao home furnishing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Panpan group, is a new customized home furnishing enterprise with modern management concept and new 131 operation mode, specializing in the design of warm, beautiful and harmonious home environment; Research, development, production and marketing of fashionable and environmental friendly panel furniture products. The company will uphold the concept of caring for health and enjoying life, and adhere to the business line of "high quality and popularization", so as to achieve the business goal of "let Panpan enter thousands of households and let thousands of households live and work in peace and contentment". Strive to implement the brand strategy, build a century old enterprise, serve the domestic market, face the international market, move forward to a modern and international company, and make contributions to the revitalization of national industry. Overall customized furniture is the trend; Green environmental protection products are popular. Pan Pan ・ pan Baobao home always knows its responsibility. It can't be willing to sink, let alone collude with others. It should not only be keenly aware of the trend, wind direction and dark look ahead, but also be brave and enthusiastic. Green is responsibility, sensitivity and courage. After all, health is the biggest problem people face in the era. But green has never followed the trend, catered to, flattered or boasted. Pan Pan? Panbaobao home is willing to work together with the majority of home colleagues to create a fashionable, healthy and beautiful home life for mankind, vow to operate a green and beautiful home environment to the end, and will be committed to improving furniture peripheral services and improving the fashion home experience, and further strive to meet the needs of Chinese home decoration consumers. Warm congratulations to pan pan. The official website of Pan Baobao home is officially launched www.pbbhome COM, welcome home decoration consumers to visit and browse. We will release the latest news of the company, the latest product information and the latest industry trends on the company's official website for the first time. Source: hope the official website of Baobao home is officially launched




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