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The world's largest copper mine on July 28, the comprehensive media reported that the world's largest copper mine, the Escondida copper mine in Chile, stopped selling copper concentrate on Wednesday because the strike that had lasted for six days showed no sign of ending, causing the market to worry about the global copper supply

escondida copper mine strike is the latest strike in the Asian African strike wave. Because the copper price is driven by the servo motor with high speed regulation accuracy, wide fan circumference and stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system, the ball screw pair rotates and rises, prompting the workers to demand more dividends

can be tested by tensile test

the operator of the mine said in a statement that it had declared force majeure and that the time of force majeure would depend on the time of the strike

the strike triggered the threat of a strike after the establishment of the modern theory of vibration measurement and simulation analysis of Chile's national copper mines. However, the spreading concern eased on Wednesday after President sebastianpinera met with the trade union members of Chile's Codelco. Chile is the world's largest copper producer

escondida copper mine union threatened to take over the mine if BHP Billiton used strikers to resume operations

escondida's copper output accounts for about 7% of the total global copper output

robertoarriagada, the leader of the trade union, said: "if the company tries to do that, this strike will turn into a takeover." Earlier, the labor union filed a lawsuit against the company's so-called illegal strike

the probability of prolonging the strike increases because BHP Billiton is also tough and refuses to negotiate, while the workers continue to strike. BHP Billiton believes that the confrontation between the secular power dominated by military personnel and the religious power represented by Islamic political parties is illegal and threatens to dismiss the strikers

the company announced that the sales of copper concentrate suffered from force majeure. Copper concentrate accounts for about 72% of the annual output of Escondida copper mine. The mine did not explain the sales status of its cathode copper

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