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Corenix product Express - connect Gigabit Ethernet devices to gigabit optical fiber network

corenix has newly released jetcon 3301 gigabit optical signal converter, which provides low-cost, reliable and flexible solutions to expand network coverage through gigabit optical fiber transmission. Why is it so important to develop an experimental machine with variable display experimental data and results for optical fiber transceivers? Because in today's industry 1, it is necessary to adjust the pointer of the experimental machine to the zero position. In the network application, the access scheme of the edge network requires not only safety, easy management, but also reliability and can be upgraded. These requirements can be met by fiber-optic transceivers. The jetcon 3301 Gigabit photoelectric signal converter series is designed to convert 1000BASE-T electrical signals to 1000base sx/lx optical fiber signals. Data transmission through gigabit optical fiber can not only expand the coverage of network equipment, but also ensure the quality of transmission signals

the core Huitong jetcon 3301 converter supports a maximum packet size of 10KB, and also supports the automatic negotiation function and the flow control function of the RJ45 interface. The converter can be installed separately or on a rack mounted optical transceiver

support various types of optical fiber connectors

core Huitong jetcon 3301 expands the network coverage to 20km (single mode) at most through gigabit optical fiber transmission. The jetcon 3301 provides a variety of commonly used connectors: LC and St type multimode and single-mode fiber connectors. The jetcon 3301 supports the link loss forwarding technology, and the UTP port can self adapt to mdi/mdi to automatically identify X

flexible installation

jetcon 3301 can be installed separately or on a rack mounted optical transceiver, and can be powered by a rack mounted chassis power supply, such as rack-1001 (single power input)/rack-1002 (redundant power input)

jetcon 3301's main performance includes

complying with ieee802.3ab/ieee802.3z standard

converting 10/100/1000tx electrical port signals into optical fiber signals

adaptive mdi/mdi-x, adaptive rate

supporting full duplex mode and flow control

supporting the end of link loss forwarding

supporting rack installation

about core Huitong

korenix technology.Luo Technology Co., Ltd, It is committed to the R & D and manufacturing of industrial control application products, which are applicable to various markets requiring high stability or industrial specifications, such as POS, financial industry, telecommunications industry, transportation industry, industrial automation, energy, electric fatigue testing machine, and military and medical industries

at present, core Huitong has four main product lines: jetnet series tubular and non tubular redundant Ethernet server, jetcard multi serial port communication card, jetcon industrial serial port/Ethernet/optical fiber signal converter, and Jetport industrial rs-232/422/485 three in one serial port server. With the mission of providing high-quality products, all products must pass different safety certification, such as EMI, EMC, EMS, UL, cul, etc. All products are provided with global five-year joint insurance

core Huitong products are sold all over the world, with international standards and professional and instant services. In order to meet the diversified application needs of customers around the world, core Huitong also provides customized solutions. Listening to the voice of customers, professional product design and all-round service are the most important commitments of core Huitong to customers

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