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Vale and Chinese enterprises will cooperate with each other again to make a large ship dock in China.

vale and Chinese enterprises will cooperate with each other again to make a large ship dock in China.

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vale of Brazil, the world's largest ore producer, has continued its cooperation with Chinese shipping enterprises and port enterprises

on May 21, COSCO and China Merchants ship announced that they planned to purchase super large ore ships from vale and signed relevant agreements for further cooperation. At present, COSCO and China Merchants' ships both rise by the daily limit

analysts said that the cooperation between vale and Chinese shipping companies has been further strengthened, and it will be inevitable for Vale's large ships to dock in China

purchase of Vale's super large ore carrier

on the evening of May 20, COSCO announced that the holding subsidiary China mineral Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China mineral transportation) established by COSCO and China Shipping Development signed a contract with vale, and China mineral transportation purchased four super large iron ore transport vessels from the latter subsidiary, with a total price of 445million US dollars. COSCO's wholly-owned subsidiary, zhongsan group, holds 51% of the equity of China mining and transportation, and China shipping development holds the remaining 49% of the equity

China Merchants also announced in the evening of May 20 that the company signed the framework agreement on deepening strategic cooperation with vale on May 19 local time in Brazil. The agreement stipulates that the two sides will further strengthen long-term strategic cooperation in the field of maritime cargo transportation and integrated logistics. The company plans to purchase 4 existing large ore carriers from vale. In addition, the subsidiary companies of China Merchants Steamship will sign a long-term contract with vale, and the specific contract terms will be further discussed

in addition, on May 20, Vale, Export Import Bank of China, COSCO Group and China Merchants Group signed a memorandum of understanding on potential financing and loan arrangements. With the implementation of the package cooperation plan between vale and Chinese enterprises, the common interests of banks and enterprises in China and Pakistan continue to increase. It is inevitable that the vale ship will finally land

"The two trilateral cooperation memorandums of understanding signed by vale, the Export Import Bank of China and COSCO Group, as well as vale, the Export Import Bank of China and China Merchants Group, have discussed the financing cooperation in iron ore shipping and consolidated the basis for cooperation between vale and its Chinese partners. The focus of this cooperation is that Vale sold its 400000 ton super capacity to COSCO and China Merchants ships respectively Large ore carrier. Hehangsheng, chief editor of iron and steel, analyzed that this time, Vale sold super large ore carriers to Chinese shipping enterprises. On the one hand, ASTM d4595 (1) 986 "tensile test method for geotextiles and related products in wide strips" was to weaken the influence of its large ship owners, resulting in the phenomenon that Chinese shipping enterprises also have competitive strength with the international shipping industry after owning large ships, so as to obtain the friendly attitude of Chinese shippers and facilitate their development in the Chinese market; On the other hand, when Chinese shipbuilding enterprises have large ships, they must have supporting facilities and ports to facilitate future maintenance and transportation. Therefore, vale can not only earn the technical support fee to start the new project of "graphene flagship program", but also promote the stop button of its own large ships to stop the electromechanical shore program

senior analyst liuzhiqiang believes that the cooperation between China and Brazil in iron ore trade through intergovernmental cooperation will change the pattern of world iron ore trade to a certain extent

it has cooperated with Chinese steel enterprises and shipping enterprises for a long time

in fact, Vale must take effective measures for the cooperation between vale and Chinese steel enterprises and Chinese port and shipping enterprises for a long time

at the end of 2006, after three consecutive years of failed negotiations on iron ore pricing agreement, Baosteel Group negotiated with China Iron and Steel Industry Association. Baosteel Group adopted the strategy of first talking about vale, then Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton, making China obtain the initial pricing right of iron ore

in recent years, due to the continuous downturn in the iron ore market, Vale, which has always been tough, reached cooperation with Chinese shipowners COSCO and China Merchants last year, signed a 25 year iron ore transportation agreement respectively, and decided to resell its 400000 ton VLOC. This record heavy tonnage ship was originally built for China, the largest iron ore market, but it is still unable to directly dock in China

in order for large ships to dock in China, vale and Qingdao port signed the agreement on establishing friendly port relations between Qingdao port and Madeira port last December. Qingdao port group and vale will cooperate to increase the volume of iron ore trade between Qingdao port and Madeira port

in addition, the cooperation between vale and Chinese shipping enterprises is also advancing. At the end of 2013, Shandong Ocean Shipping signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with vale. Meanwhile, Shandong ocean shipping alliance company affiliated to Shandong Ocean Shipping signed an iron ore transportation contract with vale with a total amount of more than US $500million

after more than a year of negotiations, a package of intensive cooperation plans among the above giants officially surfaced. Up to now, Vale has decided to sell 12 400000 ton vlocs to Chinese companies. The first four vlocs were sold to Shandong shipping Union. If the 20 large ships that COSCO and China Merchants ships plan to build by themselves are included, 32 vlocs of Chinese shipowners have decided to participate in the transportation of iron ore in Brazil

the domestic refined iron powder market will be squeezed

on the other hand, Vale has also received financial support from China. On May 20, industrial and Commercial Bank of China signed a memorandum of understanding with vale, which will provide vale with financing arrangements and financial services of up to US $4billion in the form of syndicated loans, bilateral loans, export credits and trade financing. The validity period is 3 years. p>

in this regard, liuzhiqiang said that both China and Brazil are BRICs countries, and the economic development of the two countries is closely related. This iron ore cooperation can effectively avoid the risks caused by fluctuations in ore prices and supply

according to liuzhiqiang, the necessity of cooperation between the two is as follows: for vale, it can ensure stable market demand. The decline of global ore prices has squeezed the profit margins of the four mining giants. It is very necessary for vale to find a more stable supply under the current profitable situation; For China, it can maintain sufficient iron ore supply and control the price. Since last year, the price of iron ore has fallen by more than 50%, and the willingness of the four major mines to reduce production is low. The contradiction between supply and demand in the market is prominent. China's cooperation with the world's largest iron ore producer in financing arrangements and financial services will be the best opportunity for China to grasp the voice of iron ore pricing

referring to the impact of this cooperation, liuzhiqiang pointed out that China will increase the demand for vale iron ore, and Vale's operating costs will be reduced; However, for domestic mines, their competitive advantage will be severely challenged. Vale is the largest producer of iron ore and pellets in the world. At present, domestic refined iron powder is mainly used for pelletizing. The deepening cooperation with vale will squeeze the domestic refined iron powder market

hehangsheng believes that market competition will also intensify for domestic shipping enterprises, but promoting the implementation of the "going global" strategy and increasing international cooperation can also promote the development of the shipping industry

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