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Copper price is too high copper clad aluminum cable and aluminum core power cable are widely respected

2011 "The price of copper has gone up too far. In the face of the high price of copper, Anhui Zhongsheng cable group has developed copper-clad aluminum cable and aluminum core power cable. Copper has better conductivity and thermal conductivity than aluminum, and the loss of electric energy when transmitting current is smaller, so it is recognized as the first material for wires and cables. However, China is rich in aluminum and copper resources are poor. In recent years, the price of copper has risen too fast. Whether it is feasible to replace copper with aluminum has become a hot spot in the industry, and has repeatedly aroused concern An argument of different points of view

the small and medium-sized motor industry association is opposed to the substitution of aluminum for copper in enamelled wires, and believes that it is infeasible to substitute aluminum for copper in small and medium-sized motors, which is a technological retrogression and violates the national industrial policy. Some people in the cable manufacturing industry, on the one hand, called for the absurdly high price of copper, and on the other hand, resisted the use of aluminum core cables under the excuse of energy conservation. In fact, replacing copper with aluminum is China's established technical policy. In the cable standard, it is clearly stipulated that both copper and aluminum can be used as power cable conductors. However, in fact, the promotion of replacing copper with aluminum in power cable conductors is slow

"this is due to a big misunderstanding of shaft end sealing failure, process system shaking or operation error. There are many links that need to save energy and electricity. Reducing line loss is not only the problem of conductors, but also other transmission and distribution equipment and equipment." Huangyaosheng, manager of the electromechanical technology development center of Anhui Zhongsheng cable group, told us, "from the perspective of international development trends, aluminum core power cables are being promoted and applied in Europe, America and Japan. Many of the cable engineering bidding documents of developing countries have proposed to use aluminum core power cables."

China New Materials Technology Association is scheduled to hold the "2015 (8th) dual use new materials forum for military and civil use" in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on October 17 (1) 9, 2015.

in the interview, it was learned that the promotion of copper-clad aluminum conductors has begun to break down under the current situation of high copper prices and unbearable for enterprises that produce a large number of excellent lithium hydroxide products. Relevant experts predict that copper clad aluminum conductor cables will be rapidly promoted. The two new products of Anhui Zhongsheng cable group, "copper clad aluminum (CCA) and copper composite conductor wire and cable", have passed the appraisal and signed an order of ten million yuan, which is a good evidence

the chairman of the group told Polaris power: "the copper price has gone up too far, which has far exceeded the enterprise's bearing capacity. A few years ago, we were researching and developing copper-clad aluminum, hoping to find a way to break the bottleneck of cable raw materials without reducing the performance indicators of cables. The copper-clad aluminum technology is feasible." The appraisal results show that the cost of this product is reduced by 20%~40% compared with similar copper conductor products. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages of small specific gravity, easy processing, easy installation and good transmission performance

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