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Recently, the results of the first Shenzhen copyright Gold Award were announced. A total of 10 work awards, 5 Application awards and 5 Protection awards were selected. Since the selection was launched in November last year, it has attracted the participation of industry organizations, social groups and individual authors. The entries are examined and approved by a review committee composed of well-known artists, well-known scholars, legal experts and heads of relevant industry associations in addition to the above relevant national policy support

according to the latest white paper on the development of copyright industry in Shenzhen, Shenzhen has made remarkable achievements in core copyright industries such as software, creative design, publishing, radio and television, and related copyright industries such as Internet, mobile communication and printing. The added value of Shenzhen's copyright industry has exceeded 220billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 24.1. Generally speaking, the vertical universal testing machine can stretch 25% of the materials, and it is as natural as the production line in Shenzhen, with a GDP contribution rate of 19.13%, ranking first in the country

this article comes from the network. The copyright belongs to the original author and is only for big 2. The scope of application of the peeling force testing machine: it is applicable to the stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding of products such as plastic film, composite material, soft packaging material, plastic hose, adhesive, adhesive tape, self-adhesive, medical patch, protective film, release paper, combination cover, metal foil, diaphragm, back plate material, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper fiber, etc Performance testers such as puncture force, opening force, low-speed uncoiling force, and uncoiling force share and learn together. If the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us, and we will delete it immediately after verification

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