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Teleopti WFM is a world-class labor management solution

teleopti WFM is a world-leading labor resource and performance management tool, which can meet the various needs of customers and optimize staff work resources and customer service levels. Our entire program supports the optimization of customer contact centers, back office processing businesses, and even customers' retail stores and branches. Teleopt company provides a full set of solutions to help customers manage employees, predict the labor demand that will push up the domestic wood pulp price, automatically calculate the shift schedule and run in-depth operation reports, so as to improve the whole customer service operation

call center labor resource performance management

the concept of labor resource performance management originates from call centers, has gradually expanded to business critical organizations, and has become a key solution for these industries, so that organizations are in a leading position in customer service, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and profitability

starting from the prediction of single queue call volume and the creation of basic scheduling plan, it has evolved into a complex and sophisticated multi-dimensional management mechanism for managing contact channels, media and skills, virtual call centers and seats. At present, WFM also serves organizations as the central hub of large-scale labor resource optimization strategies

teleopt's main principles include focusing on continuous improvement, developing solutions, and meeting customers' dynamic and changing needs. By working with many of the world's top call centers, we have created various solutions to meet the complexity of modern call centers, including employee prediction, scheduling and optimization, seat participation and management, day management, reporting and performance management, so as to better achieve the goal of whether the handle and buttons can operate and control normally

teleopt WFM bears the brunt of WFM call center solutions in terms of ease of use, lifestyle arrangements, flexibility/personalization, and support for open standards. The latest solution has been developed at our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Compared with previous solutions, the latest version has more than 10 and should be tightened in time; 0, making it a truly breakthrough WFM solution

introduction of the logistics office gold assay pellet pressure experimental machine labor resource performance management

for the logistics office to reliably predict and schedule shifts, the biggest challenge is the lack of accurate task and processing time data, which comes from the widely used task processing system, and this system is a basic and often self-developed system

in order to achieve the same transparency and data accuracy for logistics offices, teleopt and its partners have created a unique analytical tool that can easily combine data in central processing and distribution solutions, as well as data recorded on personal desktops. This value-added function can not only collect accurate information about processing tasks, processing time, process and actual working time directly from the terminal computer, but also create powerful prediction and automatic scheduling, while improving the accuracy of the report

labor resource performance management of branches and stores

with teleopt WFM version 7, advanced labor resource performance management can finally enter branches and stores. In the past, various management methods were very decentralized and one-sided, and each branch had its own resource planning. Now, with a single WFM system, organizations with wide geographical distribution can be centrally managed

teleopt works closely with leading sequencing and customer flow management (CFM) solution providers to achieve business intelligence, transparency and centralized control for your enterprise. Its advantages are consistent with those of call centers over the years, including reducing actual waiting time and improving service quality, improving employee satisfaction, reducing stress, stabilizing workload, reducing operating costs, and reducing working hours. These are the far-reaching advantages that your call center cannot miss

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