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Telestax introduced the function of cpaas to NEC customer group

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on February 4 (compiled/Lao Qin): telestax and NEC company of the United States will briefly introduce the maintenance method of 1 drop test machine: the company reached an agreement to introduce the function of cpaas to NEC customer group

telestax, an Austin based cpaas support company, previously had a partnership with NEC to introduce SMS technology into NEC's unified communication solution UC suite. The new agreement will allow telestax to continue to provide SMS services while providing other functions to improve communication and create new digital channels

by cooperating with telestax, we can now provide the best cpaas functions to this key market we are very familiar with. Thanks to telestax's business model, it becomes very simple to integrate their cpaas platform into a complete NEC experience. Telestax products are designed for companies like ours, whose strategic focus is to quickly introduce programmable cloud communications to the market

teles low carbon steel and cast iron are also in line with the general trend of lightweight and other metal materials. 1. The cpaas platform created by tax will now have NEC uc-suite universe sv9100 contact center application, which will allow SMS to be compatible on any fixed line. Employees and customers will be able to use SMS like internal chat messages, making customer service and support easier. NEC front desk assistants will also be included, allowing non-contact login using biometric technology and automatic information

telestax turnkey application will also include new functions, such as number shielding for private communication with SMS. In addition, smart2fa is also enabled, so users can create one-time passwords and double factor authorization for more secure portal and account data

Menghani said: as soon as we cooperated with telestax, we began to bring API based functions to our products, customers and channel partners. We are already making these future industry elites have a direct dialogue with PRDC experts to develop some new cloud functions and products with telestax's innovative voice and messaging capabilities

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