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From 36 degrees to minus 18 degrees, the "ice and fire double sky" is just to guard the door of the country

the scorching sun is like fire, and the heat wave is rolling, reaching the high temperature of 37 degrees, so that the meteorological department of Zhangjiagang has issued four high-temperature yellow warnings. Under the scorching sun, what should we do? Here, Jinan Shijin shares with you the following reasons why the hydraulic universal experimental machine can't work! Here, sweating like rain in the open-air car yard, I turned around, but I went into the low temperature environment of minus 18 degrees. Such a "double sky of ice and fire" is the normal situation in summer for the inspection officers of Jiagang Customs announced by the Zhang Nippon emperor group affiliated to Nanjing Customs

at 10 a.m. on July 29, the outdoor temperature has pointed to 36 degrees. Wang Bing and Wang Jiajun, the inspection officers of the fourth section of Zhangjiagang customs inspection, received instructions to inspect a ticket of Toyota cars that had just been declared for import

"ug7, there is a Toyota logo in front, K8, Toyota, right, that model is right..." as soon as they came to the inspection line of the new equipment car developed by the imported automobile step-by-step innovation, the two immediately drilled into the trench to inspect the chassis of a car. Whether the vehicle model is right, whether there is oil and water leakage, whether the parts are worn and rusted... In the narrow, muggy trench, the two people are sweating

Wang Bing, 27, has six years of experience in car inspection. In his opinion, the heat in the gutter is nothing. The real "baking inspection" is the inspection of outdoor car appearance, especially the engine compartment. The two of them walked to the Toyota car parked in the open air. The hot steam from the cement floor made people's calves hot. At the moment of opening the front cover of the car, the heat wave came head-on, making people sweat like rain. "The engine of this kind of day is originally 'spitting' hot, but you must open the car cover to check. Each car has only one engine number. We should make sure that this car has not been replaced or repaired."

from the chassis, appearance to interior, a car has nearly 80 inspection items, all of which have been inspected. Nearly 20 minutes have passed, and the Navy Blue inspection clothes of the two people have been soaked. According to the regulations, the consistency of imported vehicles should be checked before customs clearance, and the proportion of spot check should not be less than 20%. "Zhangjiagang port is the only automobile import port in Jiangsu Province. 3163 vehicles were imported in the first half of today, which means that at least 633 vehicles have to be sampled. The spot check is carried out by batch, and the actual spot check is expected to rise by 30%." Wang Jiajun said, "sometimes after checking the clothes in the morning, you can wring water out. You can only dry them at noon and then put them on for inspection in the afternoon."

in addition to car inspection, the Department where Wang Bing and Wang Jiajun are located is also responsible for the inspection of imported food. The integrated inspection and storage facility for imported meat, which is three minutes' drive from the imported vehicle inspection line, is their next inspection destination, where imported beef, chicken, etc. are stored. When they arrived at their destination, they were not in a hurry to work, but went into the lounge with air conditioning on. Huang Ya, an employee of Surun wharf who arranges the cold proof clothes nearby, said: "on such days, the inspection customs officers come all sweaty. Take a rest here and take a little sweat away. Because when a hot sweat enters the cold storage, the body can't stand it." In fact, this frequent alternation of cold and heat is common for customs officers of the four departments to have a cold and cough

after a simple rest for a few minutes, Wang Bing and Wang Jiajun wrapped up in thick cotton clothes, cotton pants and cotton shoes and entered the meat freezer. Imported meat requires high storage, and the temperature of the freezer should generally be controlled at about minus 18 degrees. When the staff opened the container, the surging cold air rushed to their faces, which most people would not stand. Wang Bing and his colleagues went straight to the goods to carry out work, checked the product name, specification, quantity, weight and other parameters according to the system control instructions, and conducted sampling inspection

"different goods have different inspection requirements. Each inspection is 30 minutes faster and 1 hour slower." Wang Bing said, "when you enter here in a very hot situation, you will tremble a little, but you must finish the inspection before you go out."

half an hour later, the two finally completed the inspection. Walking out of the cold chain warehouse, this action loosened the cylindrical storage tank. The strong temperature difference made Xiao Wang's glasses thick with water vapor, which was wiped several times before it recovered

the heat wave outside the door and the low temperature inside are still alternating, and the steps of the National Guard have not stopped

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