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Tely provides new video conferencing and collaboration solutions for millennial employees

ctiforum November 2 news (Li Wenjie): on October 27, tely announced a new video conferencing and collaboration solution to provide video collaboration capabilities for the growing millennial workforce. Tely has launched an affordable and easy-to-use video collaboration terminal, tely 200, which can be integrated with cloud based video services selected by enterprises. Tely also launched a cloud based management platform, tely portal, which allows it departments to easily deploy and manage tely 200 terminals in the cloud. Through the teley 200 terminal, users can easily share content and initiate virtual meetings with the click of a mouse

millennial employees are eager to increase the flexibility of their working methods. Employers meet their requirements by creating a more visual, more convenient, collaborative and more technical working environment. According to Wainhouse research, 55% of conference managers said that the new generation of employees required the deployment of video conferencing systems

ira m, partner and senior analyst of Wainhouse research. Weinstein explained that video conferencing has become a mainstream business tool. In order to support the collaboration needs of the new generation of employees, enterprises need to deploy video conferencing systems in more meeting rooms and spaces. This expands the demand for solutions such as the teley 200, which can provide an excellent standardized video experience at a price suitable for scale deployment, while providing enterprise level centralized management capabilities

provide enterprise quality video conferencing for crowded spaces. It takes a few minutes to get ready out of the box.

for the way millennial employees work, enterprises are transforming workspaces from separated offices into an open space environment. This creates a new way of working for huddle space, whether it is a small meeting room, additional space, corner and shared space or other shared meeting space

tely 200 has several main advantages for the above requirements:

simple, cost-effective and intuitive user interface, which can participate in virtual meetings instantly through Microsoft Office 365 and Google calendar support. It can be customized for enterprises to watch videos and share content at the same time through dual screens

collaboration in crowded space anytime, anywhere 85 inch screen integrated Hd 1080p camera, designed for collaboration in crowded space, can be assembled and used anytime, anywhere

integrate with existing cloud video solutions and networks, including acano, bluejeans, pexip, videonor, videoxio, zoom, and so on

interworking with existing enterprise video conferencing solutions. Even standardized waterproof material enterprises for experimental machines include Avaya, Cisco, lifesize and Polycom

Jinan experimental machine factory uses the cultural concept of love to carry. On the server side, it is easy to deploy and centrally manage. Using the cloud based management product tely portal with intuitive browser interface, it administrators can remotely deploy, configure and manage various tely terminals

Todd Abbott, President and CEO of tely, said: the IT department is facing increasing challenges in deploying video collaboration technology for the entire enterprise and supporting creative teams to collaborate more effectively. Tely 200 provides enterprise quality video collaboration capabilities and can connect to any cloud based video service. With such a size, price and cloud based management platform, tely 200 is optimized for deployment in crowded space. This terminal can provide video collaboration capabilities for creative teams in any space, not just in large conference rooms

product pricing and time to market

tely 200 will be launched in November 2015. It will be sold to global enterprise customers through tely's channel partners. The manufacturer's recommended retail price is $1800 (including the one-year royalty of tely portal)

about tely

tely is committed to providing simple HD video collaboration capabilities for more crowded spaces. Tely's cloud optimization terminal helps creative teams easily share content and interact effectively with customers, partners and suppliers through video collaboration. Tely, founded in 2010, is a private company headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA

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