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Teleperformance uses professional webcams to monitor the home seats of the contact center

Lao Qin Ye translation

C that is, on the basis of different fixtures, Ti Forum () news on April 8 (compilation/Lao Qin): the on-site seats of a world leading contact center company will be monitored by webcams to check whether they are eating, watching or leaving their desks when working remotely

Teleperformance employs about 380000 employees in 34 countries. The company will install professional webcams for informed employees to check violations, and will be connected to an artificial intelligence system to randomly scan violations of work rules during work

according to the documents sent to employees, if violations are found, a photo will be sent to the manager. This photo will be archived for 20 days

if the seats need to leave the desk to drink water or use the bathroom, they must click the rest mode and explain the reason. Employees were told that eating at work was against company regulations

the file points out that if the system does not detect keyboard tapping or mouse clicking, it will show that you are idle for a specific time and will report to your supervisor. Therefore, please avoid hindering your work efficiency

a training video on the webcam system also added that the system monitors and tracks employees' behavior in real time, detects any violation of predetermined business rules, and sends real-time alerts to managers asking them to take corrective measures immediately

this has aroused the attention of trade unions and parliamentarians to the normal telephone number of family monitoring: +86 2162895533- 155, 502

when the news was released, 10000 UK employees of teleperformance were told that AI scanning cameras would be installed for employees who continued to work at home next month

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