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Tempered glass is not equal to explosion-proof glass. Be cautious about using shower rooms.

the day before yesterday, citizen Fucheng went to Binhong road to buy shower rooms on weekends. When passing a bathroom shop, he saw that the owner was arguing with a couple. After listening for a while, Fu Cheng understood the whole story: in October this year, the couple bought a shower room in this store, but when they took a hot bath a few days ago, a tempered glass door of the shower room suddenly burst The couple negotiated with the shopkeeper for this several times, but the handling result given by the shopkeeper was far from their requirements, and the two sides argued endlessly for this

will tempered glass burst? This accidental discovery surprised Fu Cheng

does tempered glass really have self explosion? What causes the glass door of the shower room to become a "bomb"? The author launched an investigation on this

customers choose ordinary "Glass without sprinkler

tempered glass will indeed self explode

in Binhong road and the building materials market in central Zhejiang, the author found that the glass shower rooms in the market are divided into two types according to quality: one is ordinary glass, which generally costs only a few hundred yuan a shower room. It is said to be poor safety and easy to burst in case of high temperature, but more than half of Jinhua consumers want to buy ordinary glass shower rooms cheaply; the other is tempered glass, which is cheap The price is nearly 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan. Many copies of toughened glass shower rooms or promotional materials do not have a warning that "toughened glass may burst", and salespersons only exaggerate its beauty and durability when dumping, without mentioning the situation that it may burst

a dealer who underwrites a famous brand shower room told the author that their shower rooms are made of tempered glass, with a thickness of 6 cm to 12 cm, and the glass has passed 3C certification, which can ensure safety. When the author asked whether the tempered glass could stop bursting, the dealer admitted that the tempered glass had a self explosion rate of about 3 ‰ and no one could guarantee that it would not burst. However, in reality, the probability of real tempered glass bursting was still relatively small

the author asked several dealers of the overall shower room. The self explosion rate of 3 ‰ has almost become a consensus law, and some say it is 1 ‰

why does tempered glass burst

technical staff analyze the reasons

it is understood that there are more than ten tempered glass production enterprises in our city at present, among which some enterprises also process shower rooms on behalf of others. Xiaochi, a technical staff member of a tempered glass factory, explained that tempered glass is heated to about 700 ℃ and then cooled rapidly to double the strength of the glass. Generally speaking, the strength of tempered glass is about 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. When the toughened glass is broken by external force, it will become particles as big as beans, so as to reduce the damage to human body. However, the seemingly simple process is really demanding. If a link is not done in place, it will affect the tempering degree of glass, resulting in incomplete tempering or even semi tempering. Since some hard particles still exist in the lattice glass, the probability of self explosion of tempered glass is increased

the salesperson of a whole shower room revealed to the author that the self explosion of some tempered glass is related to the degree of tempering of glass. Some small factories producing tempered glass, including Jinhua, use inferior glass or recycled glass for tempering. The cost is much lower, but the quality will decline

above the small pool, the metallographic microscope is upside down. When cleaning, it thinks that excluding the quality reason, there are three other situations that may lead to the explosion of tempered glass: first, improper use; Second, improper installation; Third, the temperature difference is too large. Therefore, when using the shower room at home, consumers should pay special attention to the environmental temperature difference is not too large, but also to avoid strong external impact

Open Yuba to warm up and improve room temperature

the glass door is pasted with an explosion-proof film invaded by money everywhere

in February this year, when Mr. Yu and his son in Yiwu took a bath in a hotel around the International Trade City, the glass door of the shower room suddenly burst, glass fragments splashed the whole bathroom, and the limbs of Mr. Yu and his son were also scratched by broken glass. After mediation by the staff of Yiwu Consumer Protection Committee, the hotel compensated 4880 yuan for its medical expenses and lost work expenses

Yiwu Consumer Protection Committee reminds the public that the interaction of cold and hot air is easy to burst the tempered glass. Citizens with tempered glass shower rooms at home had better turn on the bath bar first, preheat it, improve the room temperature, and prevent the explosion caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the glass shower room caused by the impact of hot water

for the glass door of the shower room that may burst, the shopkeeper suggested that the glass bath can be coated, in case of glass burst, it can minimize the damage to human body

the staff of Jinhua Consumer Protection Commission said that the company should repair the self explosion of tempered glass free of charge, and consumers should pay attention to the warranty period when purchasing. Under normal circumstances, the warranty period of the shower room is one year, and consumers must not forget to ask for a repair order when purchasing

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