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Telstra's "hidden number" service began free of charge in February.

on Monday, Telstra, an Australian telecommunications giant, announced that it would provide hidden number (hidden line) services free of charge from February 18. The latest data shows that the complaints about marketing have increased by 20% in the past two years. With the opening of the Cape ship free service, more and more people will use the service to avoid the interruption of marketing

according to the Sydney Morning Herald, at present, Telstra's hidden number service charges a monthly service fee of 2.93 yuan, and a total of 11.02 million people have registered for this service. In the fiscal year, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) received 28200 complaints against marketing, an increase of more than 5000 over the previous fiscal year. At the same time, the number of people who registered the number service when the hidden pendulum was in the vertical downward stationary position also increased by 375000

in the last fiscal year, the Australian Communications and Media Authority issued 5049 warning notices on violations of marketing and fraud, an increase of 23.1% over the previous year

users can use this service to avoid their own, name and address appearing in the network directory. After this service of Telstra is free, it should attract more users

the secret number service is only for fixed lines, excluding most Turks who still voted for him at the critical moment of the presidential election. Except for GST (consumption tax), the monthly service fee has not changed since 1996

Angus Kidman, a spokesman for the finder of the comparison station, said that the hidden number service allows users to retain privacy when using fixed numbers. Many people use this to avoid marketing. But using is a simpler way to achieve this goal. Because those swindlers don't want to pay the phone bill

Kidman also predicts that national broadband will replace most of the existing fixed lines. Finder's survey found that less than half of fixed line users still use it frequently to call; 20% of users said they never use fixed line; For example,% of users have reserved fixed lines for international calls; 13% said the fixed line was for emergency use

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