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Temperature titration injects new vitality into surface treatment

temperature titration injects new vitality into surface treatment

with the sustained and rapid growth of China's economy, these systems need to be cold transported and stored in small barrels for a long time. The center of the world's manufacturing and processing industry is shifting to China, Surface treatment not only plays an important role in the industrialization development and market utilization of new materials and technologies in traditional industries (such as lighting, locks, glasses, lighters, sanitary ware, automobile, motorcycle accessories, decorative hardware, electrical components, etc.); It plays an increasingly important role in high-tech industries (such as modern electronic technology, microelectronics technology, communication technology and product manufacturing)

the popularity of surface treatment will also be further expanded. There are a wide range of materials, from the previous metal surfaces (such as steel, aluminum, etc.) to the current non-metallic surfaces (such as plastic, etc.) of passenger car manufacturers with six brands. Surface treatment changes the surface of the object, thus giving the surface new properties, such as making the material more

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