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Tempered glass side transparency, supporting Shenguang synchronization, with RGB light controller

tempered glass side transparency, supporting Shenguang synchronization, with RGB light controller

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original title: tempered glass side transparency, supporting Shenguang synchronization, with RGB light controller

life and installation. The speed of hardware upgrading is a little slow, mainly due to the lack of money. In the past, a ASUS B150 with I computer was installed, which is a bit old-fashioned. The previous chassis is a little old. Recently, I want to change a chassis. By the way, I want to change the heat dissipation and give the old configuration a new appearance. For those who have used patriot T20 before, this time they chose patriot moonlight treasure box T30 refined art version, and the radiator chose patriot disc shadow RGB magic color version. How about the effect after changing

moonlight treasure box T30 Classic Edition is available in white and black. If you use it for a long time, you prefer black, which is more dirt resistant. At present, most mainstream chassis like to add side permeable panels. The T30 side adopts toughened glass panels, and the light transmittance of toughened glass bialik material is slightly better

although the front panel is tempered glass, it is opaque after blackening treatment. It was originally intended to install several RGB fans, but it didn't work if it was light tight. There is a light strip design at the left edge of the front panel. According to the official introduction, the opacity is to highlight the light strip. The interface of the light bar is 5v3 pin, which is easy to distinguish when installing

the design of the back of the chassis is regular, and there are not many bright spots. It adopts the mainstream lower power design, with 7 PCI expansion bits, a 12cm or 14cm fan bit and motherboard interface bit

i/o panel is located in the front of the top of the chassis. From left to right, there are power on key, hard disk indicator, restart key, LED light control key, two USB3.0 interfaces and audio headset interfaces. There is a circle of LED indicator on the outside of the power on key. Personally, I suggest adding a circle of LED on the outside of the light to compact ed light control key. Sometimes I touch the restart key by mistake at night

two 12cm or 14cm fans can be installed on the top of the moonlight box T30 chassis, and it can also support 240/280mm integrated water cooling. There are evenly distributed cooling holes on the top and a magnetic suction dust-proof on the outside

the overall size of Patriot moonlight box T30 chassis is 408x210x468mm, which is a common medium tower chassis. The chassis can support ATX, m-atx and itx motherboards. The CPU height limit is 170mm, the maximum length of the graphics card is 350mm, and the maximum length of the power supply is 160mm. The overall compatibility is fairly good

there are two 2.5-inch hard disk bits on the upper side of the power compartment, which are removable. Two holes are reserved in front of the two hard disk positions, which can facilitate the installation of power supply and transmission lines

the front panel of the chassis adopts a snap on design, which can be removed by pulling outward from the bottom. After disassembly, it can be seen that the front panel can be installed with three 12cm or two 14cm cooling fans, and can also be compatible with 240/360mm integrated water cooling

t30 chassis adopts the back wiring design, and some wiring holes are reserved at the back to facilitate users to fix cables. There are two Velcro ties near the front panel, which can gather the lines together. There is a removable hard disk bracket near the power compartment, where two hard disks can be installed

the bottom of the moonlight box T30 chassis adopts a honeycomb hollow design in the middle, and there is a extractable dust-proof belt near the outside. The four supports at the bottom are designed with anti-skid pads, which can increase its anti-skid performance to a certain extent

patriot disc RGB magic color is jointly issued by Henan Provincial Department of industry and information technology, development and Reform Commission, Department of science and technology, Department of Finance and other four departments. The document only improves the mechanical properties and reduces the gas permeability of polymers; As a metal oxide, it supports Intel platform and motherboard Shenguang synchronization. Although it supports Shenguang, my motherboard does not support it. The problem is not too big. Just add a controller

in terms of packaging accessories, in addition to the radiator, you can see that there is a heat dissipation silicone grease attached. The capacity of this heat dissipation silicone grease is just enough for one time, so you don't need to buy heat dissipation silicone grease alone. The RGB interface of the radiator is 5V 3-pin, which can adapt to the current mainstream interface

patriot DVD RGB magic color version radiator back fastener has no support that can be fixed, so it is a little troublesome to install. You need to press and hold the back plate fastener first, otherwise the fastener is easy to fall off during installation. Personally, I suggest adding 3M glue or other fixation on the fastener, which will be a little more convenient during installation

the T30 chassis of the moonlight treasure box does not have any fans randomly. The fans on the back of the chassis are left by the old chassis. After the replacement, it can be lit normally. At this time, the tempered glass panel is not installed temporarily. It can be seen that the RGB light odor score of the front panel and the side is ≤ 3, and the formaldehyde content is ≤ 10mg/kg. The effect is still obvious, and the outer ring of the radiator also has RGB light

the lights on the side of the power bin and the lights on the front panel are synchronized, which can be controlled by the LED light control button or by the motherboard. When controlled by the motherboard, it is necessary to connect the 5V RGB interface to the motherboard

after installing the tempered glass panel on the side, you can see that the RGB light of the radiator is still relatively obvious. When the light is turned off at night, the transmittance of the tempered glass is relatively good

it has been a while since the moonlight treasure box T30 Jingyi version and patriot disc shadow RGB radiator were replaced. The main reason for this replacement is that the previous chassis is a little old, and there is a lot of dust on the outside and inside of the chassis. I am lazy, so I simply replaced it with a new one. The front panel and side of T30 are designed with tempered glass, which improves the appearance a little, but personally, I think the opaque design seems to waste the tempered glass panel. The lighting effect of the radiator is fairly good, with the mainstream 5V 3-pin interface, which has certain versatility. Although the chassis has an LED control button, it cannot be linked with other light effects through this button. The chassis only reserves an interface linked with the motherboard. Such a design can only let it control all the lighting effects through the motherboard. At this time, the LED button becomes a decoration. However, for the price of moonlight treasure box T30, it is fairly acceptable. If you want to replace the old machine with a new chassis with LED light, you can take a look at this patriot moonlight box T30

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