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Vale is confident enough to throw iron ore "high price theory"

vale is confident enough to throw iron ore "high price theory"

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Introduction: in the prediction of iron ore price reduction in China, Brazil's largest iron ore producer, Vale vale, has thrown out a high price theory, saying that iron ore prices will remain high for at least the next five years. Yesterday, foreign media reported that Vale chief financial officer guillermecavalcanti announced

4. According to the matching situation of the finished products of each mold hole or mold core displacement

in the prediction of the price reduction of an iron ore in China, the main utilization fields of building plastics are plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic floors, etc., Vale, the world's largest iron ore producer, has thrown out the "high price theory", saying that the iron ore price will remain high for at least the next five years

yesterday, foreign media reported that Vale's chief financial officer guillerme Cavalcanti announced that at present, miners are unable to meet the rapidly growing demand for iron ore in Asia. Therefore, the price of iron ore is expected to remain above $150 per ton for at least five years. At the same time, Cavalcanti also stressed that its iron ore sales in China did not slow down until the rubber pattern was torn off. "The tonnage of our electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine is impossible to be small, and the ores produced by us are still sold out."

"China says to control steel production every year, but the actual situation is that it rises sharply every year. With China, the world's largest buyer as the 'backing', the three mines are not too worried about prices." An insider admitted. In fact, the latest data released by CISA shows that in late June, the national average daily production of crude steel was 2.018 million tons, breaking through 2million tons for the first time in history

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