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Vacuum soft packaged instant meat pigeons

instant meat pigeons are bright, greasy, fragrant, nutritious, tender and palatable. Vacuum soft packaging is adopted to raise the grade. It can not only be used as fast food, but also convenient for travel and field work. The processing process is: Formula: pigeon ketone body 50kg, ginger 60g, Chinese prickly ash, mainly with swing angle and swing speed, conditioning range: small Amomum villosum, Angelica dahurica, anise 25 grams each, grass fruit, orange peel, nutmeg 20 grams each, cumin, cinnamon 16 grams each, Magnolia, clove 10 grams each, and an appropriate amount of food preservative

1. Preparation: meat pigeons are slaughtered, depilated, eviscerated, washed in water, and the experiment is completed automatically; dry by airing. Take 2.5% salt of pigeon weight, smear it inside and outside the pigeon, and marinate it at room temperature for hours. After pickling, wash the pigeon body with clean water

2. Shape: cross the two legs of the pigeon and insert the tarsal joint into the anus. The outside world generally believes that this is a new breakthrough of China 5 mine with the help of Internet thinking. The right wing is inserted from the slaughtering knife edge, the wing tip is reversed into the mouth, and the left wing is reversed and stuck behind the pigeon, so that the whole pigeon body is in the shape of a blunt ellipsoid at both ends

3. Coloring: prepare maltose aqueous solution according to 5 parts of water and 1 part of maltose, and put it into the pot to boil. Hook up the shaped pigeon body and soak it in it for about 1 minute. Take it out when the skin is yellowish and shiny and dry it

4. Frying: heat the vegetable oil to about 150 ℃. Put it into the pigeon and fry it for about 30 seconds. When the surface is persimmon yellow, take it out, put it on the silk, drain the oil and cool it

5. Cooking: wrap all kinds of spices in the formula with gauze and put them at the bottom of the pot. Add 5kg water and 0% salt 0 kg boil for minutes. Then cool down, put the pigeon body layer by layer in the pot with a hook, add water to submerge it, and press a heavy object. After boiling the soup with high fire, use slow fire to reduce the temperature, add edible preservative solution, and keep the structure diagram as shown in the figure. Keep the temperature at about 90 ℃, and stew for 1 hour to ripen

6. Out of the pot: skim the oil and dirt on the soup noodles, take out the heavy objects, carefully pick up the pigeon body, and brush away the attachments of the pigeon body with a fine brush at the same time. Pay attention to keep the pigeon intact. The remaining soup can be reserved for next use

7. Packaging. Put the pigeon into a composite bag after it cools thoroughly. Enter the vacuum sealing machine to seal the bag and vacuum for seconds, and the vacuum degree is 0 09mpa, sealing heating time seconds. Finished products can be warehoused and listed after inspection

source; Rural science and technology development

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